Obviously, when it comes to water, make sure it’s okay to drink. So, how does one determine if water is contaminated or not? Well, there are two ways water can get contaminated: First, when one leaves the water in an open container at room temperature for an extended period of time. This provides a breeding ground for bacteria, algae, and mosquitoes. The second way water gets contaminated is when the container in which one stores water starts to leach chemicals.

Drinking contaminated water can transmit the virus easily into the system, causing diseases like cholera and typhoid. The risk is high when there is a lot of rain with sewage backup and other unsanitary conditions.

Therefore, it is extremely important to drink clean water so as to stay healthy. Here are some steps one can follow in purifying one’s drinking water before consumption:

• If the water is polluted, filter the water through paper towels, paper coffee filter or several layers of cloth to remove the sediments. To make the water safe for drinking, boil water for 15 minutes after filtering.

• One can also chemically purify the water by adding a tincture of iodine. Use three drops of iodine per liter. Mix the water thoroughly by stirring or shaking water in the container. Let the water stand for 30 minutes to an hour.

• Water purification tablets can also help one in purifying water. The tablets have a shelf life of two years and lose their effectiveness if they get damp.

• Purify enough water to last for 48 hours as leaving the water to sit for longer periods may re-contaminate them.

Now, here’s my two-cents worth of advice when it comes to using bottled water stored in plastic bottles, rather than using stainless steel, such as the Ibex tumbler.

Consumption of bottled water produces unwanted used plastic bottles. They are dumped into the environment allowing chemicals like phthalates to leach into the groundwater and eventually our bodies. This can cause diseases like phthalates to leach into the groundwater and eventually our bodies. This can cause diseases like cancer and intestinal problems. Don’t allow one’s plastic bottles to sit in the sun as this might increase the chances of chemical leaching. So, I’m saying it again, “USE STAINLESS STEEL, like the Ibex tumbler.


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Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. The articles I write express my own personal views and doesn’t replace the advice given by a medical professional.

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