The Secret To Losing Weight and Relieving Stress.

(Take the 7-Day Balance Challenge at the end of this article)

It All Starts With You!
We all know what to do and how to do it. Now, implementation is another thing. Question: if you knew you would win $1 million for exercising, eating healthier, and living a positive and productive life by investing in yourself every week doing the right things, how many of you would turn that down and prefer to keep the old habits that helped you become unhealthy or not your best?

Did you know that with regular exercise, you add extra oxygen into your bloodstream? There are so many benefits to just adding a regular workout routine to your lifestyle. Let's keep it simple, you will lose weight if you exercise at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes, if you eat a healthy nutritional diet, and if you learn how to relax to relieve yourself from stress and rest every night for approximately 6-8 hours, I guarantee the fat will fall off and you will gain muscle and the end result is sculpting your body!

Let's not forget the power of meditation. There is no mystery or magic spell that you're under, and you can feel the positive difference almost immediately. Meditation is an undisturbed flow of attention that may result in identification with what is contemplated or insight into or accurate knowledge of it. Side benefits of regular meditation are stress reduction, slowing of biological aging processes, improved concentration, orderly thinking, mental calmness, and emotional stability. Try it out for a week and watch the difference in your overall feeling of refreshed energy.

In conclusion, the secret to losing weight, boosting your energy levels, and relieving stress is that it takes prayer, patience, and persistence!

7-Day Balance Challenge
Let's See What You're Made of...

For the next 7 days, start your day right by:

Daily 15 minutes of meditation (which includes prayer, your current goals, and ALWAYS acknowledge our Creator and show appreciation for being here, and then sit in silence)

Fitness 3 times a week for 30 minutes (working on building muscle and burning fat)

Every night prepare for mental exercise by reading inspirational scriptures and also researching how to achieve your life's desired outcome - and start implementing your goals into fruition

At the end of the 7-day challenge, let me know what your results are by writing me at so I can direct your next steps for success in order to balance your life mentally, physically, and spiritually!

Author's Bio: 

Steffanie Haggins, also known as StudioSteffanie, certified master trainer, yoga and meditation instructor, published author, and executive speaker has long held a passion for wanting to see people in their best image, which ultimately starts with a high self-esteem and living a balanced life. It started while she was being raised in Chicago by her father, who knew nothing about how to groom and care for a young lady. He knew he wanted the best outcome for her future. Therefore, he enrolled her in private schools and into various charm schools and modeling schools; any and every organization that could assist her in becoming a beautiful young lady, internally as well as externally.

Throughout the years StudioSteffanie has witnessed and experienced the extraordinary benefits of being introduced to the rules of proper etiquette, speaking, and walking confidently and taking care of oneself to the best of their ability mentally, physically, and spiritually. She is a wealth & wellness coach that practices balancing lives by reducing stress.

StudioSteffanie further cultivated her passion for inspiring others and motivating them to be the best they can be while she was searching for her true passion in life, (a true entrepreneur) which is helping others help themselves become the best they can be. Of course, this sounds cliché; however, it’s very sincere. This has been observed over the years while StudioSteffanie has assisted models, actors, and independent artists. “I consult with them to discover their true talent and begin to assist in branding their image to prepare them for a global economy.”

She works with everyone from celebrities to politicians to the general public at large. “There are no boundaries for true inspiration and motivation. Unfortunately, there are people everywhere you turn that are truly unhappy with themselves. They can have all the money and other materialistic items needed to make a person smile; however, they can’t truly smile until self-esteem is prevalent. And until they truly realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, healthy relationships, and proper relaxation techniques, they will continue to be where they are.”

StudioSteffanie Enterprises, Inc., was established in 2009 out of a necessity to help people get a head start in life by acquiring the knowledge needed to instill strong self-esteem. In order to excel in whatever goal(s) you want to accomplish, having high self-esteem helps a person no matter what road in life they choose to take. This agency was created to coach and assist people to enhance their natural given talent and foster their purpose in life through their passions. She further fostered her passion by creating workshops that cover topics such as: learning the value of self, how to handle stress, self-image, responsibility, choices, even branding, marketing, and business plans. “As a wealth & wellness coach, I needed to create a program derived from the best advice I’ve received throughout my lifetime of achievements, mistakes, experiences, and adventures.

This program is for any and every one that wants the best life has to offer them and are willing to apply the necessary actions to accomplish their goals. Let’s get started on your blueprints; contact me at”