Everyone has their favorite of excuse for not wanting to change or start something new. The more resistant to change, the more excuses. Making significant changes in your life is hard work!

But what if you really could start from scratch? What if you put aside everything from your past, all your current problems, and just started over?

Starting over doesn’t mean you have to take a vow of poverty, divorce your current spouse, or forget about your kids. Starting over means there is some aspect or aspects of your life that you would like to change. What are willing to do to change? What does starting from scratch really mean?

Starting over can mean starting small while having a very specific goal. If your finances are the problem, maybe you start by packing your lunch one extra day a week. Or maybe you don’t buy any new clothes for a month.

Maybe you are not happy with your weight or the way your body looks. Maybe you have tried lots of diets and none of them work. Maybe you are just out of shape.

It is very easy to say “well, I’ve been like this all my life and now I’m (whatever age) and I’m not going to change now.” What if you woke up one morning and sat down and really thought about making some change.

Starting from scratch working on your body to make the changes you want might be difficult, but it could certainly be done. What resources would you need? How committed could you be? What is your dream body? Could you just start by eating one healthier meal a day?

What about changing your career? What about starting a new business? Why not start with a small investment in a new business?

In this age of instant gratification, we often think that it is too late to start over. We lose our patience if things don’t happen immediately and we are afraid of wasting our time and resources.

Starting over can give you a whole new perspective in your life. Starting over can also open doors you thought were closed forever. Don’t make yourself older, sicker, or later by being afraid to start over.

Never too old, never too sick, never too bad, never too late to start from scratch and begin again. Bikram Choudhury

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C.S. Lewis

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