Everyone grows up with a worldview. You don’t build it purposely. In fact, you don’t even know you are building it. But you take the information you see and hear from birth on and incorporate it into your worldview. It’s normal, it’s how you grow and learn to be part of the world you live in. But it isn’t necessarily “the truth”.

What kinds of inaccurate beliefs do you have and what can you do about them? You may believe that making money requires distasteful or undesirable work or that being in a relationship must be difficult or that parenting is hard. Each of these is a belief, not a fact, and these beliefs can hold you back and keep you from the happiness, success, abundance and love that you want and deserve. The Empowered Living Tools will help you to discover and deal with those self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Becoming Aware

What is the first step to correcting these inaccurate beliefs? The first step is becoming aware of them. A worldview is built from birth. You hold many beliefs, many assumptions about life, without ever stopping to look at them. You must first become aware of our inaccurate beliefs before you can change them.

It is important to let yourself feel what you feel, and be aware of what it is. Then, it is vitally important to be okay with what you feel and where you are in life. This may sound counter-intuitive; in order to change, you have to accept yourself as you are, but it is absolutely true. So, in this first step, it is important to listen to what you are saying inside your head. Don’t judge it or reject it, just let it surface.

Setting Intentions

As you become aware of the self-limiting thoughts you are repeating in your head, you can begin to change them. You can begin to think with Intention. For example, if your first thought in the morning is, “Oh, no, another day at the grind,” you can tell yourself instead, “Today I’d like to find something to enjoy at work.” Intentions are powerful, and the more you learn to set Intentions for yourself, the better you will get at it.

Positive Evidences

As you begin to think Intentionally, be on the lookout for Positive Evidences, which are proofs, both large and small, that your Intentions are working. In the example above, notice that you did, in fact, find something to enjoy at work. Maybe a conversation with a client went particularly well, or your boss complimented you on your work. Notice the Positive Evidences, and they will increase.

As you take time each day to notice and accept what you’re feeling, make a point of accepting those feelings, setting Intentions and noticing Positive Evidences, the whole process will get easier and become more natural.

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