If you are over 50, you are at risk of osteoporosis. And if you are a woman, that risk is even higher. There is nothing you can do about your age or your sex. But there are other factors which put you at risk of osteoporosis that you can control.

The risk of osteoporosis is not something that should be taken lightly. There are many reasons why your bones become brittle and fragile, and it’s important that people have the proper level of awareness. The reasons include diet, medications, lifestyle, health conditions, among others. But whatever be the reason for osteoporosis, the good news is that there is one mineral (not calcium) that can help strengthen your bones and even help reverse up to 10 years of bone loss.

Existing health issues can have an impact on your bones, leaving them at a higher risk for weakness and even fractures. There is also a chance that certain medical treatments will increase your risk of osteoporosis. The following is a list of health conditions that people should be aware of when determining the risk of osteoporosis:
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