When someone gets out of bed in the morning, their mind can end up being consumed by a dream that they had whilst they were asleep. There is also the chance that they woke up in the middle of the night due to a dream that they were having.

One could think about what took place and then, before too much time has passed, they may forget all about what took place while they were asleep. If this doesn’t happen, one could spend a few hours going over what took place.

A Big Impact

If they do think about a dream for a little while after, it will probably show that it was an emotionally charged dream. They may have experienced a lot of fear or perhaps they were overwhelmed with guilt.

However, one may find that based on what was going on in their dream, it was perfectly normal for them to feel the way they did. This may have been a dream where they were being chased or had done something wrong, for instance.

Just a Story

As they continue to settle down and the day passes, they may come to the conclusion that what they experienced was just an illusion, meaning it had no basis in reality. One will then be able to focus on what is taking place in the real world.

But while they may be able to forget about it, it doesn’t mean that they won’t have the same experience next time they are asleep. Once again, one could say dismiss what has happened and carry on with their day, yet this might not be in their best interest.

Symbolic, Not Literal

Instead of believing that the feelings that they had during a dream were merely a reflection of what was going on and what was going on was just an illusion that their mind created, they could take a deeper look into what happened. This would give them the chance to develop self-knowledge.

What they could do is ask themselves if there is anything going on in their waking life that is weighing them down? It might take a little while for them to see a connection, though.

Pushed Out of The Way

If they were to go deeper into themselves, they may find that how they felt in their dream is a reflection of how they feel in the real world. Yet, as they had pushed their feelings out of their conscious awareness, it wasn’t possible for them to see the connection.

In other words, their unconscious mind will be talking to them via their dreams. The information that is being stored in this part of their being won’t be able to get through to them directly, so it will try to get through to them indirectly.

Final Thoughts

This is not to say that this is what dreams are always about as one can also have dreams that are prophetic. Either way, what this illustrates is that someone can learn a lot from their dreams.

If they cast them aside and believe that they have no value, they will be depriving themselves of something that could greatly enhance their life. There are plenty of books available that go deeper into this topic.

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