A recent health scare in the life of someone very close to me has me reexamining a topic that I’ve written on many times in the past fifteen years. I felt compelled to address the subject today and remind us all of the immense power that our emotions (current or repressed) have on our body and our health. In reality, the condition of our health is a direct reflection of our awareness, attention, and understanding of ourselves as powerful, creative, multi-dimensional beings. The more we are able to accept ourselves as physical AND spiritual beings, the easier it is for us to accept responsibility and control over our health.

There are many paths to spiritual development and all of them explain that healing comes from within, not without. We are unique spiritual beings temporarily housed in physical bodies and we have our own energy system that plays a large role in determining our life experience. We exist on a multitude of levels. These include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being, which interact and exist simultaneously. ALL of these dimensions work together and affect our overall health.

Our energy system has a fascinating and enormous capacity for self healing and self rejuvenation. It begins with an awareness of our predominant thoughts, emotions, and expectations. We can actively participate in the maintenance and healing of our bodies by broadening our perspective, opening our mind, and becoming aware of our personal power to create change in our lives and our physical bodies. We need to treat and give our bodies the attention they deserve. We need to listen to and notice the subtle, yet powerful signs we are given each day. We also need to recognize what emotions and thoughts might be limiting us and causing us to feel stressed and ultimately- sick.

It is unfortunate that modern approaches to medicine and healing can create a vicious cycle. It begins with us developing a physical problem. In many cases, we are unaware that this is a symptom of a larger, internal issue that has been left unhealed. An unresolved issue (emotion) intensifies and finally manifest as a physical symptom in order to get our attention! Must physical symptoms originate from an emotional, spiritual, or mental block that has been left unhealed or repressed. Over time, guilt, unresolved emotions, or resentments create an inner struggle that intensifies and finally manifests in the physical body. Modern medicine deals with the physical problems by giving medicine. Typically, the physical symptoms disappear, but later something else pops up because the root of the problem was not treated. The next physical symptom or problem is then treated and the cycle continues. To escape this cycle, we must begin to think about our health in a new way.

Pills can relieve physical or emotional discomfort, but they also mask the cause or source of the illness that was created in the body. Medication is necessary and very beneficial in some cases, but isn’t the goal to discover the underlying issue that is causing the dis-ease? Opposed to popular belief, most physical dis-ease does not originate IN the physical body or from the environment. Most of our diseases stem from a meta (beyond) physical source. It is actually the non-physical aspect of ourselves and its level of balance that makes us susceptible to manifesting a problem. It is our thoughts, attitudes, and imbalanced emotions that deplete our natural physical immunities in ways that make it more likely for us to get a cold, virus, or manifest some other problem. This may be a new concept for many of us to embrace due to the common ways we are raised to understand sickness in our culture, yet it explains why two people may be exposed to the same virus or sickness and only one of them picks it up!

If we are not flowing easily with the rhythms of life, we prevent ourselves from experiencing life’s natural changes. When this happens, stress is created and intensified internally, whether we are aware of it or not! The key is becoming aware because this is the root cause for most illness or dis-ease. If we care to play a role in the healing ourselves, we have to begin to view our physical conditions as symptoms only. Our emotional and mental patterns are what trigger many of the physical symptoms we experience.

We can ask ourselves the following questions: Are there any feelings of resentment or unforgiveness that we’ve been suppressing? Are we preventing ourselves from flowing with the natural desires of our soul? Are we avoiding something?

The bottom line is that if we don’t take into consideration the mental and emotional conditions that could have potentially served to create the physical problem, we are only placing a symbolic band-aid over the problem. There are no quick cures for healing from the inside-out. The quick cures, such as medication, only heal our symptoms. Internally, there is still energy being blocked in a particular part of our body. If we ignore our repressed emotions or ignore the negative patterns of thinking and behaving, we will be rudely awakened at a later date when an illness takes over our body.

WE are solely responsible for our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. All of our physical symptoms are meant to awaken us! They serve as wake up calls from our physical body, which alert us to an imbalance which has occurred. Once we embrace our problems as opportunities to learn, grow, and move beyond any struggles or blocks in our consciousness, we can finally begin to heal ourselves in a complete way- from the inside-out.

It is crucial for us to recognize that every thought, word, action, and reaction is of great significance because they affect our energy flow and manifest outwardly, in physical ways. We can positively benefit our health with our choices. We shape the nature of our future health by our current feelings, thoughts, and beliefs! When we become aware of and change our state of consciousness, we affect our physical health. Health and healing is a process of becoming “whole” again. It’s a process of awakening and examining ourselves in a complete way. Wholeness is not expressed or experienced in physical ways alone.

Our entire being plays a role in our health. Wholeness refers to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of being. If we ignore any one of those aspects, we are preventing ourselves from experiencing a natural state of perfect health. We can break free of any holding patterns in our lives so that we will feel whole, unlimited, complete, and free! We are worth the effort!

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