One of the key elements of looking into the New Year, however, is getting a plan together for turning your resolutions into realities. The first portion of this, is to look at what things may be holding you back. What less than positive mindsets and vibrations have kept you from meeting your goals in the past? For example, if you have made resolutions to lose weight, but not achieved it to the extent that you desired, there is a reason… usually a blend of inner and outer elements Determining those elements is key, because it is only then that you can overcome the seeming challenge of it and succeed!

For many of us, the issue that seems to be holding us back is in the story that we are telling to ourselves. Most people who truly set a resolution manage to endure a few weeks or even months of keeping it, and then fall back into old habits and mindsets. Why? The story that they believe is not one of triumph and victory, but of challenge and defeat. Going back to the weight loss example, here are some of the most common “stories” that many people find themselves believing.

• Losing weight is just too hard
• I am just not able to lose weight
• I am not seeing the results of my weight loss fast enough
• I have tried to lose weight in the past, but have failed.
• This just isn’t a good time to lose weight, but I will try again next year.

Do any of these things sound familiar? It is ok if they do..,many of us have all been at a place where we told ourselves the wrong thing and have believed it in many areas.

Once you have taken some time to identify the things that are seeming to hold you back, begin to change the story so that the outcome is success, and nothing but that! With the above five stories, here is what success will look like in each one.

• Losing weight is possible, and I can do it!
• I am in control of my body and my destiny.. one step at a time to do anything!
• I am seeing results!
• The past is just that…past…and I have grown and developed to a place where my past does not need to determine my future!
• I accept success

In each of these lines above, the situation has not changed at all, but the story has. As you begin to write a new story and change your mindset to this outcome, you will begin to experience a vibrational shift and the results will soon follow! So, I challenge you to take time over the next few days to reset your goals, along with your thinking. Focus your energy on believing the story you want, and not just the one that has always been told. May your New Year be filled WITH everything good in all ways!

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