Thinking is such a popular activity, isn't it? From before we are born we are pressured to value thought, to know what we think, to justify what we think, to develop what we think into more thoughts… Wow, is that a full time job? We get taught to continually create more depth of what we think and to then identify with all that as 'character', a 'virtue' to be proud of. For most of the population, people have determined what they think about practically everything. No wonder so many people feel stuck, limited, frustrated and their bodies are all locked up trying to keep layer upon layer of imposed structure appropriately locked in it's place. Sweet amazing bodies doing their best with all those lies and illusions! Sweet infinite beings wondering why life is such a struggle.

Are you really your thoughts? Where did they even come from anyway? Did you really create them to begin with, or are you programmed to tune into a bunch of thought forms and collective unconsciousness that validates everything you already bought into from other lives and people? What if you are not your thoughts? What if you are an incredible infinite being with total awareness of everything, and you are soooo much more than you could ever imagine?

Does it make sense that if something is REAL nothing can destroy it? Does it make sense that if something is an illusion, it can be easily destroyed? This is a basic awareness that emerges in the process of becoming less unconscious and more conscious. Thoughts are illusions that have been created, and they are easy to un-create. You have probably created around 2% of your thoughts, and the rest were conveniently accessible. As your awareness becomes greater that your thoughts are not you and they don't even belong to you, the easier it gets to unlock yourself. There are so many advantages to this awareness, I cannot even begin to list it all. Every thought that you think is you or belongs to you, requires judgments, conclusions, strategies, constructs, emotions, implants, circuitry – you get the idea – to lock it into existence. It isn't easy, and you have to use your body to help you keep all that locked in.

What if you had no FIXED point of view about anything, and were willing to be aware of whatever is there in the moment? Awareness is one of your tickets to everything that would be truly expansive for you and your life. Oh, and I love the way the universe works – if it's more expansive for you, it will be more expansive for others if they are willing to have it. How wonderful is that?

From one infinite being to another – Cathy

Author's Bio: 

I have always had natural intuitive talents and abilities. For example, I have always been SUPER aware of other people's thoughts and feelings. It is REALLY easy for me to perceive and manipulate energy. I am like an alchemical laser for illusions and things that are not working.

I LOVE to facilitate others to be more aware, conscious and potent. Everyone has AMAZING talents and abilities. I have facilitated and coached thousands of individuals and it is one of my favorite things! Imagine how different the world will be as more individuals become increasingly conscious!

I consider it part of my job to become more CONSCIOUS and AWARE every day. I work for consciousness. I have been facilitating consciousness professionally for over 16 years. It gets more FUN and more amazing every day. I continue to be witness to countless amazing changes that incredible beings are willing to BE and create in their lives.

From one incredible infinite being to another! Cathy