Alien or ExtraterrestrialBy Shylo Love (Annu)

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I remember growing up, being fascinated with space and the universe.  I felt a large part of me was drawn to live in this vast universe, rather then the little human body I inhabited.  The universe to me at the time was finite, because it encompassed the Milky Way, the known planets in our solar system, our Sun and our Moon, then all the constellations symbolized by pictures of crabs and hunters and such…that to me was the entire universe.  As I grew up, the known universe remained rather small in my mind.  After all, we are the only living beings in the universe, why should it be any bigger than it is?

Of course, like many, I was brainwashed into thinking and believing that the universe is finite and that we know all there is to know about it.  I was also led to believe that if there is other life out there…it would be NOTHING like life here.  Life here is unique, because God made it so.  Life “out there” would be frighteningly unrecognizable to us and absolutely foreign….even dangerous….yes, any life out there would be very “alien”…to life here.....right?

Eventually I learned that the universe is in fact infinite.  INFINITE.  The human mind can hardly fathom the word, let alone visualize it along side our universe, but it is true.  The universe we call home is absolutely unmappable, unknowable and preposterously HUGE-MONGOUS!  It is absolutely out of the range of human understanding it is THAT big.  Once I began to grasp this concept of our universe going on for infinity I soon realized:  Who are we humans to say that there is no other life out there, and who are we to say what that life might look like?

If you have doubts about the size of the universe, then you need only consult our eye in the sky, the Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble Deep FieldThis “eye” has captured images that quite frankly further boggle the human mind.  The Hubble Deep Field is one such image.  When Hubble trained it’s eye into a previously thought to be empty part of the universe it discovered something unbelievable!  There, in plain sight, Hubble took a photograph of literally BILLIONS of galaxies much like our own Milky Way. (Image above)  BILLIONS in a very small patch of previously unexplored sky.  Think about that for a moment.  As difficult as it is to visualize Infinity, it is nearly or more difficult to visualize Billions.  Yes people of Earth, we take a very small photo of a very small patch of universe and find there are billions of galaxies like our own right there before our eyes….every single one of those blurs of light are individual Galaxies.  Are you beginning to see the bigger picture yet?  Logic dictates, that there will be VAST amounts of life out in the infinite universe.  ALL sorts of life…in fact…the universe is TEEMING with life!  Why not?  This little blue spot in the universe is teeming with life!

Now, getting back to what that life might look like, I find it simply unbelievable that there would not be planets like our own harboring life much like our own.  It simply makes logical sense.  Life flourishes here in these conditions.  By the numbers, life should exist elsewhere under similar conditions and be flourishing.  ON the same token, on our planet we have discovered life to flourish in very hostile conditions, therefore, it makes logical sense that life would flourish elsewhere under “hostile” conditions.  There is also simply “spiritual” or less 3D life to consider as well.  Physicality may be the experience on Earth (immortal spirits playing with physical bodies that can feel pain), but perhaps there are other planets where the vibrations are different as such that life is not as solid as it is here….we really just do not know at all now do we?  And because we do not know for sure, do we put our trust in the same institution that only a few hundred years ago would have us believe the Earth is flat?

Anunnaki DNALife is magnificent and it flourishes under it’s specific and particular conditions.  Alien life is the same.  Why would “Alien” life be SO different from life here?  Why is this such a powerful prevailing thought in the human mind?  I would muster a guess that it has something to do with control.  It is simply so that it is not favorable for you to know that we share this universe with “others” that are humanoid in nature.  It is not favorable, because once you know the truth, you will no longer trust the power cabal!  This power cabal has been working very hard to keep the truth from you.  If you realize the truth, you might find that you have been fed many other lies.  The truth is, that we were genetically engineered by beings from another star system and there is ample proof.  How does that make you feel?  The truth expands your mind and opens the door to greater understandings about who and what we really are as human beings on this little blue spot in the vast infinite universe.  You begin to see how we fit in to a bigger picture…a galactic one…and that we also have a galactic family that is from other planets in the universe. 

This is not to say that there is no God.  On the contrary, there IS a God…a infinitely powerful being comprised of trillions and trillions of living-cells and made of pure Love energy.  It is like a vast ocean, and we are like drops of water in it.  Each drop cannot BE the ocean of God alone, however, God cannot be the ocean without the drops of water within it.  Yes there is a God, and you are an indivisible part of it.

Anunnaki Man GiantUs being an integral part of God aside….there is SO much evidence to suggest that our extraterrestrial humanoid forefathers have been visiting Earth for hundreds of thousands of years….and that they are still here today.  Our collective understanding even leans towards this reality.  Our television and movies play this eventuality out over and over again.  We KNOW in our hearts that there is other life out there and somewhere inside of us, beyond the propaganda, mind control and religious brainwashing, we know that much of this “life” is a lot like us….we know this and understand it from the very core of our being.  This is so, because we know in our hearts that these beings are our long lost family….and we miss them!

It is well known that the theory of evolution has some missing links and on the corollary that Religion simply does not explain things along side known science very well.  There are some gaping holes in these theories that are well known on both sides.  With Evolution, the missing link has been discovered long ago….you were just not told about it.  Modern science tells us that there was a common ancestor to all of mankind on earth.  They call her “Eve” and her remains were found in central Africa.  Central Africa was the scene of the creation of mankind according to writings discovered in the “cradle of civilization” Mesopotamia, written by the worlds first known civilization, the Sumerians.  This Cuneiform writing details the creation of man.  So logical is this information that most who read it with an unbrainwashed and open mind find it very resonant…to their very core.   It brings many to tears as they begin to comprehend…it is so powerfully resonant with the human soul.

It’s quite a long and sordid story…and you can read all about it in Zecharia Sitchin's book series...far too much for this short article, but the gist of it is this:  Extraterrestrial beings visited Earth and found her rich with Gold Zecharia Sitchindeposits about 450,000 years ago.  It so happens that Gold is wonderful at artificially extending the power of a planet’s atmosphere when in particulate form, and the ET had quite a problem with their planet’s atmosphere due to irreparable damage caused by irresponsible habitation of the planet.  (similar story to life on Earth!) SO, these extraterrestrials, (known to the ancient scribes as Anunnaki which means, “Those who from heaven to Earth came” or Extraterrestrial, pictured in ancient carvings as giant humans shown above) found Earth abundant with the metal required to repair their atmosphere and came here to mine that gold.  After hundreds of thousands of years of mining Earths gold (these beings lived much longer then humans due to their planets longer orbit around the sun. Lifespans are relative to this solar year) using mechanical means as well as workers, it was decided to utilize the existing Earth creatures to assist with the work and toil.  However, the Earths existing creatures were not able to take orders and communicate with the Anunnaki.  These existing creatures, (known to us as Cro Magnon and Homo Erectus) were but animal kind with animal instincts.  The Anunnaki scientists took these animal beings and crossed and hybridized them with the Anunnaki beings.  In so doing they created hybrid workers…yes these beings were for all intents and purposes…slaves to the ET.   These first humans had black coloured skin, “Skin as the colour of Earth’s soil” and were called the “Black Headed People” by ancient Sumerians. 

This plan to utilize existing workers functioned very well for the ET miners for another few hundred thousand years, but eventually the requirement to continually clone and make these hybrid beings became far too much work.  It was then decided to make beings able to procreate on their own to save the work in creating them.  Thus, the first two human beings able to procreate on their own were manufactured using cloning techniques, the hybrid beings and a combination of crossing the ET genes with the human hybrid genes then using surrogate ET mothers to grow the fetuses.  It was a difficult process, very taxing on Anunnaki scientists.  It was even a different process to make a female then it was to make the male, but the job was eventually completed.  The 2 beings were named “Anunnaki Giant Humanoid BeingsAdamu and Eva”.  They were placed in a garden with ample food and water in order that they would grow strong and begin to multiply… they were overseen by their "giant" creators...who were later venerated as gods and angels.....and there you have the missing link.

This story is fully documented in the Cuneiform tablets of ancient Sumeria.  6000 year old texts hammered into stone tablets.  Difficult to deny or to ignore.  This story is obviously familiar to many who have read the trimmed bible version.  What is fascinating is that the Cuneform tablets detail a story very much like what is contained in a modern day bible, however, it has all parts of the story intact….no large missing chunks that have the reader confused and lost.  The bible, it is well known, is a conglomeration of books and texts that did not all originate in the same place, that have been edited and altered by the power cabal to be sure it is what they want you to know…not exactly the whole truth and a truth altered with the inherent control of your mind….in mind.  Much of what is in the bible is paralleled by Cuneiform tablets that predate the dead sea scrolls.  This is information freely available…one must only look for it.

To summarize, it makes logical sense that there are many humanoid races of extraterrestrial beings living in our infinite universe.  I wonder…how many of you reading this are ready to meet your long lost, yet not totally forgotten star family?  How many of you are ready and willing to visit other planets and become a part of our greater Galactic family who live in the stars?  There is only one way to accomplish this:  understand that we are part of a greater collective energy, know that we are not aloStairway to Heaven is Within Youne in the universe and use your telepathic abilities to call out to your family and let them know you are ready to meet them in person…without any fear. You are ready to know the truth and are ready to welcome your forefathers home for tea.  You resonate with Love and no longer fear that which is currently unknown.  State this uncategorically into the Universal Mind.  The stairway into Heaven is in You.  Soon, when the universal collective is ready….they will make themselves known to one and all.  The day will soon arrive where there will be no more lies, no more cover-ups and absolutely NO way that the truth will be hidden from the masses any longer.  Each and every one of us will know the truth, first it will come from our hearts, then our eyes will see and our ears will hear…truly we will know that we are a collective of immortal beings experiencing life on a planet in a universe of other planets where life is experienced in infinitely wondrous and unique ways.

We are not alone in the universe…and the beings out there are not all exactly “alien”, no they are not from Earth, so they are simply called: Extraterrestrial.  But then….it seems that originally….we are all Extraterrestrials too.  :-)

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