Are you a team player?

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision…the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results"

Andrew Carnegie

The quote above, applies to every member of every team. Everyone on your team must listen to everyone else with an open mind and a positive attitude if the team is to be successful. There is no room on great teams for people who will not listen to alternative points of view. Team members must support the members of their team through thick and thin despite pressure from within or without. Although we might assume that this is only important for leaders we must understand that in our own ways, we are all leaders and we must all play for the team we are on.

If at any time during your working day, you believe that you have arrived at a place where your success is untouchable and your career cannot be diminished, you have probably stopped being a team player. If you believe that you are beyond reproach because your status has placed you above the other members of the team, you have left the team, (or never joined it). If you believe that someone else is responsible for team morale and that person, or those people owe you happiness, you do not understand teamwork. Morale, good or bad, is driven by every member of the team. Team members must all share in the responsibility for team unity if the team is going to win.

Teamwork is about oneness. The spirit of a team is in the hearts of its members. In the bodies of great teams there are several hearts beating as one. The minds of great team members never think about their own success…every goal and every win belongs to every member of the team. Great teams celebrate together and the stars of the team only shine when the entire team has been put on a common pedestal for the world to see.

Show some appreciation for your team today, for without them you are alone.

Wayne Kehl

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