When we think of the word addiction we often think about chemical addiction to alcohol, tobacco, or heroin. But did you know that you can be addicted to your emotions? We all know someone who is! Sometimes they are addicted to anger, depression, sadness and then there is the rare person who is always happy.

What is an emotion? An emotion is a chemical response to outside stimulus. We are always having emotional response to what is going on in our environment. Sometime the emotions are weak, other times they are very strong. You are having an emotional response to this note right now.

So how does all this work? Let take a look. First the cells in your body are full of receptors, billions of them, to accept the neuropeptides (chemicals) produced by your brain. There are receptor for all the different emotions as well as neuropeptides for the same. So now suppose that something in the environment cause your brain to secrete the neuropeptides for anger. They make there way through the blood stream and other body tissues and dock/lock in to the receptors. This then causes all the physical manifestation of anger to be present. As the anger subsides these neuropeptides will be released from the receptors and eliminated from the body.

Note these receptors are the same ones that accept outside chemicals like heroin, alcohol and even aspirin.

Now, just like a drug addict, the more these receptors are used the less effective they become. The body will then produce more of a particular kind to makeup for the damaged and worn ones. It then requires more neuropeptides to be produced for the new receptors. Suddenly there is an abundance of anger receptors looking for neuropeptides. The addiction begins.

The good news about this is that it is all your fault! That's right, this is good news because you can change this cycle.

Emotions are a guidance system designed to give us feedback on how things are going. To change an addiction to emotions we must first understand that we own them. We are 100% responsible for how we feel. No one can make you feel good or bad without your permission. If you had a rough childhood get over it! The way you feel belongs to YOU, not Mom, Dad, Husband, Wife or anyone else.

How do you change things? First you must change the way you are thinking. If you feel angry, look for a thought that makes you feel less angry. If you are sad look for relief in a thought that make you feel just a little better. No matter how you are feeling right now, look for a thought that gives relief. What if you feel GREAT, look for something to feel even better!

Remember emotions are good, emotions out of control destroy lives. Take charge of your life whether you have an emotional addiction or not. If you are reading this and don't like the circumstances in your life take charge and change them! You are the only one who can.

On a final note, if you know someone who is addicted to any emotion (depression too) you can ask them to read this but you must understand that they are the only ones who can help themselves. You can only point the way.

The purpose of life is to be of service to others and to be HAPPY. There is NO HIGHER PURPOSE.

Author's Bio: 

Art Mason is a full time owner / teaching in the martial arts. He teaches both adults and children.