If you are committed to finding true love or keeping your love relationship alive and well, you will need to overcome your fear of opening up so you can create true intimacy.

Why is opening up so important?

Relationships are based on the commonalities you have with your partner and your acceptance of any differences. The bond you create will be strong and very fulfilling when you can look at your partner with 100% love and acceptance of who he or she is.

Imagine for a moment that your partner knows how you think and feel about almost everything in your life and what you want for your future. Wouldn't you feel loved and accepted? Isn't that how you want to feel?

Also imagine for a moment that you know how your partner thinks and feels almost about everything in his or her life and what he or she wants for the future. Wouldn't your partner feel loved and accepted by you? Isn't that what your partner wants to feel?

When both of you know each other deeply, you will feel a bond and great passion about being together that creates joy, stability and a forever commitment to each other.

Please be open to healing your wounds from your past, because they are contributing greatly to your present fears of opening up to your partner or a potential partner. With the intimacy you create by opening up, you will enjoy happiness and security that will allow you to stay madly in love with your partner.
In fact, your fear of opening up may be preventing you from finding and keeping true love in your life.

Both partners need to be open to learning about each other and sharing who they are, and if you are with someone who doesn't want to know you or share who he or she is, you need to address this issue and resolve it, so you can enjoy true intimacy and the happiness and security that goes along with it.

You can heal your past wounds and turn your fears into excitement about knowing yourself and your partner deeply and honestly. You are not supposed to live your life afraid of being yourself, because that will lead to unfulfilling relationships, and your health will also suffer. Believe in yourself, expect the best, and succeed.

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I am Sandra Dawson, MA. I am a Love and Relationship Coach, and America's Most Loving Relationship and Trauma Expert, and Your Guide to Intimacy. I have been helping individuals, couples and groups to love themselves for more than 25 years.
I am a Certified Couples Communication Instructor, a certified Trauma Practitioner and a Past Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in CA. I am passionate about increasing love on our planet, one person, one couple or one group at a time.
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