Here’s another good affirmation for you: “You are a creative center, from which increase is given off to all."

What we, for short, call an “affirmation”, is more technically defined as “an affirmation of something that is true. This is not mystic mumbo-jumbo, you are a creative center, from which increase is given off to all.

A lot of times, the mentor has the ability to see right through to the truth that is someone's major stumbling block. Lack of self-confidence is so common it's not even funny. Doubt, second-guessing, thinking of the opinions of others.

Thinking of the opinions of others is one thing, but it even gets to the point where we begin to think of what the opinions of others would be. And we let just our projected thoughts stop us.

Now, this is not new psychology, but it is something that you can take hold of and correct. And of course, it's about getting on the positive, upward side of the stream It's getting into the whole philosophy that The NEW Think and Grow Rich and its associated activities promulgate—the Inner Eagle, the E of Einstein's famous, inspired formula, which equivocates energy and matter, E = mc2.

Three elements—E, energy, equals m, mass, times c2, which is the speed of light squared. C squared. Now listen, I'm not a mathematician, I must admit, but I know the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second.

So 186,000 times 186,000: that's 34,596,000,000. We're talking about a HUGE number. We're also talking about how you re-orient that formula and you begin to open up to it, to accept it, to experiment with it.

It takes experimentation at first—it takes looking past the curtain first, and then sticking your toe in there, and then plunging into HoloMagic.

That's why they always say that education never stops. Think of the education of a child to adulthood and well past the 21-year mark, mind you. For all of life, we are maturing.

It get’s wild when you think of the consequences…

Think of it—E = mc2. When you turn it around a creative center, you've got E divided by, E powered by, that speed of light squared.

They write that at E/c2 = m.

The C-squared can go on either side of the equation of energy and matter. But it can make an incredible difference.

One way things are happening. The other way you are happening things.

You're making things happen. Thought is primal—thought, first.

You are always creating—but are you consciously creating?

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