The weird hang-up calls. The erratic work hours. The stories that just don’t quite add up.

You have the gnawing, sickly feeling that your man is cheating on you. But how do you know for sure? Finding signs of cheating is like pulling a stray piece of yarn in a pair of socks. It only takes one good yank, and the whole thing starts to unravel. Below are six signs to look for:

The Telephone Tyrant
Watch out for the pre-paid cell phone or pager (no bill, no evidence), and odd phone numbers found in his pockets, written on receipts or other little scraps of paper. Does he call at all hours? Hang up on you when he’s mad? Both are signs of a lack of impulse control.

The Despot Driver
He drives like a lunatic, honks at old ladies who don’t have the good sense to go eighty on the freeway, and sees the shoulder as his own personal expressway during rush hour – a classic sign of putting himself before everybody else.

The Blaming Boy
His girlfriend is too jealous, his boss is too stupid, and the rest of the planet just doesn’t get it. Does your guy think he can do no wrong? When the Blaming Boy breaks the rules, it’s the rule that was wrong, not him. He may have cheated, but it’s your fault.

The Fashionista Flame
Frequently when a guy starts cheating, he makes changes to his appearance. Maybe your man starts working out after six years of bliss on the couch. Maybe he has a sudden interest in Armani when nacho cheese-covered Chinos have always been just fine. Whether it’s a new gym membership or a new cologne, big appearance changes can mean big trouble.

The Workaholic Wooer
He’s working late all the time, or the big boss needs him to come in on Saturday (again) for yet another emergency presentation on the Doggy Delicious account. It has been widely reported that 70% of affairs happen on the job, and even if he’s not fooling around at work, he may using his job as a cover.

So what should you do if you suspect your partner is cheating? Throw his clothes out on the lawn? Quit your job and trail him like you’re trying out for a cameo on Law & Order? Are you crazy? Or is he cheating?

There’s only one way to find out. Don’t confront a cheater until you have enough evidence to prove he’s really heating, otherwise, he’ll just deny it. Collect as much proof as you can, and then confront him with the facts. The only way to move forward is to get it all on the table.

On second thought, go ahead and throw his clothes on the lawn. If you stay with a cheater, you’re only proving to him that he can sleep around with little or no penalty. Find somebody faithful. Otherwise you’re just cheating yourself.

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