Starting with this quote today, it has touch my heart and changed my mindset forever.

Showing a profit means touching something and leaving it better than you found it.Jim Rohn

When you first read this quote, lots of things can come to mind. What comes to mind if you are business for yourself might be quite different than what comes to mind if you work for someone else. No matter what business you’re in, this quote should make you think about differently about the word profit.

To be successful in multilevel marketing, it takes great products, persistence, and teamwork. The ultimate goal is to make money, or a profit. If you are a follower of the “go-giver” philosophy it is to make a profit by helping others. But does it really leave the people you come in contact better than when you found them? Can you really make sure that always happens?

Making sure that a person is better than when you found them is not always easy, but it can be accomplished. Remember, it does not always mean that you leave them better off financially. Some people start off in multilevel marketing and find they are just not cut out for it. But did they profit in some other way from being involved? If they were trained properly and had good interactions with their upline, the answer should be yes. Maybe they learned how to be more confident. Maybe they learned how to run a business. At a minimum they learned something about themselves—that they don’t want to be a network marketer.

In multilevel marketing is easy to get caught up in the process. It is also easy to overlook some individual needs, particularly as your team gets larger. By keeping this quote in mind when working throughout the day, it helps to bring you back to earth and remember that your ultimate purpose is to help people in some way. It will also help you remember that profit does not always mean money.

It is also important to know how to help people leave. Convincing someone to stay in a business when, in spite of everyone’s best effort, they are not being successful, is not helping anyone. In fact, severe damage can be done by trying to hang on too long. Leave them with something positive and something they can use later. Leave them with a positive feeling about the experience, about you, and about the company. After all, even if they are no longer selling products they certainly can be some of your best customers and everyone can profit!

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