Have you found what you're truly passionate
about? If not, have you at least taken steps
in that direction? If you haven't, this issue
will support you in doing that and getting at
least one step closer to living the life of
your dreams and living on purpose.

When I think about my purpose (why I'm on the
planet)I think about how incredibly awesome it
is to be able to really and truly do what I
love to do. It is an incredible blessing. It is
so rewarding, so exciting, so fabulous, and so
wonderful, that those words don't even do it

Now, I am not fortunate or special in any way or
by any means because anyone can live his/her
purpose once he/she decides to.

On the other hand, I also think how empty how
boring, unhappy, unfulfilling and unsatisfactory
my life would be if I wasn't living on purpose.

That pain is just not worth it. I never wanted
to drift through my life haphazardly, bouncing
from one thing to the next, arrive at old age
and say, "I wish I would have."

So, what I am talking about is using pain
and pleasure to support you in finding and
living your purpose.

The things that are painful to you, you'll
avoid. The things that are pleasureful to
you, you'll move toward. So, if you believe
that it's hard for you to figure out your
purpose, it will be and vice versa.

That's obvious, but here's where the magic
comes in. If finding your purpose is painful
or if you know what your purpose is, but you
are not living it, what is painful about it?

Don't breeze over that question because the
answer to it is the hidden truth that stops
you. In that answer, you'll find some of the
core, negative beliefs you have that block
your every move and trample on your dreams.

You see, it's easy to justify your life away.
It's easy to make excuses. It's easy to take
the easy way out. Easy, maybe. Detrimental
to your ultimate happiness and success,

But you're better than that. You're stronger
than that. You're more dedicated than that...
aren't you?

So think about your fears. Think about your
doubts. Think about all of the reasons you
give for not finding and/or living your

Then, one by one, eliminate them. You don't
need them anymore. You don't need to hold
yourself back anymore.

Then, think about how much pleasure you'll gain
on the other end when you are living on purpose.
Think about how much fun you'll have. Think
about the relationships you'll develop. Think
about all of the exciting things that you'll
experience. Think about the places you'll travel
to and the people that you'll meet. Think
about the love you'll experience and the passion
you'll feel everyday.

It doesn't matter if you create a lot of pain or
a lot of pleasure. Just make sure you get on the
track you want to be on and do it now.

So, that's it for this issue my friend. May you be
blessed beyond belief and may all of your dreams
and your success come true. And may everything you
wish for be the least that you get.

Until next issue...

To your success,

Darshan G. Shanti - The 24 Hour Champion



Author's Bio: 

Darshan is an expert in human motivation, behavior change and rapid transformation. He is a 20-year veteran in the field of personal and professional development. He is an ontologist, facilitator, trainer, author and transformational speaker. He is the President of Freedom Incorporated, Inc., a revolutionary, innovative company dedicated to supporting organizations and people all over the world to help them to achieve their highest potential.

Darshan has a unique ability to very quickly empower participants to change their own minds about who they are and what's possible for themselves, both now and in the future. When they change their own minds, their change is permanent, leaving them free to make new decisions, take new actions and create new, powerful and fulfilling lives.

From Fortune 100 corporations such as Baxter Pharmaceuticals, to small mom and pop companies, school systems and prison systems, across the United States, he has worked with and inspired over 30,000 people.