It seems everyone I talk to these days is experiencing some bumps and bruises of life. While the economic downturn is causing widespread financial difficulties, fear is all around, and more and more people are searching for ways to get their lives in order and find peace.

But know that what determines the outcome of your life is not what's happening around you but what's happening within you. I believe that all change, power, and solution comes from within you.

The key to designing for success is to change the negatives and fears within you. So how do you change what’s within you? I’ve tagged the process, “Designing Within”. By designing within, you will fill your thoughts, direct your conversations, and determine your actions as you feed on the possibilities and not the problems.

A powerful passage reminds us that as a man thinks, so is he. What this means is you literally become what you think about; what you deliberately focus your thoughts on.

Think about this. Now really, you have to think about something, right? I mean the mind is always working. Why not use the opportunity to your advantage?

1. Train your mind to focus on or create what you desire instead of feeding on the negatives that you see!

2. Separate from negative people.

3. Stop watching the news, you’ll more than likely eliminate 50% of your fears.

4. When your mind wants to drift back into the negative mode, tell your mind, “Nope, I’m not going back there. I don’t care what I hear to see, I’m working on me!”

Take a hint from Jill Scott. She is designing for success with the love of God within her and is “taking freedom off the shelf” and living her life like it’s golden. Her video,“Golden” is my video pick of the month.

Be encouraged.

~ change your thoughts
~ change your words
~ change your actions
~ change your life
~ change your world

Are you ready to live your life like’s it’s golden? Let’s talk.

Author's Bio: 

Deana Murphy is a visionary, author, lifestyle designer, speaker, and instructor. Deana is founder of the Designing for Success Institute, helping people take their lives from chaos to order and discover peace, and founder and CEO of LivingDesigns Unlimited, an internet interior design service provider.

Deana's latest book, Designing for the King: From Chaos to Order by Designing Within has been stamped as hard to put down and five stars on a five star scale.

Her expertise has been touted on HGTV and Fine Living and in O at Home and various other signature magazines.