Are you too nice?   Even Jesus took a "bitch pill." What does that mean? It means with out boundaries you attract abusive, using friends and lovers. Sadly it creeps on you so subtly you never saw it enter the door. You have unintentionally trained yet another sweet person that you will do all of the work, all the allegiance and handle all of the expenses. Some mistakenly are of the belief it is not Christian, or compassionate to stand ground and say NO MORE. Yet after Jesus healed the masses, he went home to his inner circle of like minded disciples. It is beautiful to be supportive of fallen friends, but often dangerous to take them home with us. Boundaries is what Jesus expressed when he threw chicken crates and tables in the temple. Instead of waiting to that point, train others how to treat you early.

Make people earn your respect. Lovers, Children, Friends and Pets are grateful when they know where they stand with you. When you stop holding back, and express respectfully your intentions and boundaries, you will be amazed at the difference in the quality of your life. Best? You will like your self better!

Author's Bio: 

As an Intuitive Light Worker 38 yrs Ann Marie offers Calming Psychic Readings with Honest Strategy to aid in the journey of self healing in relationships, career and all things life. Writing is her passion. Healing with her hands and voice in a combination of Riki, Hypnotherapy and Hot Stone balancing completes Ann Marie's self portrait. Age and experience have been her greatest seasoning to personal development as a light worker.