Aren’t All Realtors Alike?

Over the years, I’m sure you’ve met someone perhaps at a dinner party or networking event, told them you’re a Realtor and then had them say “oh, my cousin, sister, brother or friend (pick one) has a real estate license, they do it part-time for extra money”. Like nails on the chalkboard, the hairs on the back of your neck begin to rise as you know darn well that having a real estate license is just not the same as having a real estate business.

Just because someone has a particular title or is in a certain business doesn’t mean they are all alike. Or that in comparing the two you’re comparing apples to apples, rather than apples to say an onion. For instance, McDonald’s sells hamburgers, and so does Black Iron Burger in Midtown Manhattan. And I’m sure you’ll agree, even if you haven’t visited Black Iron Burger that they are nothing like McDonald’s. And here’s the cool part, McDonald’s doesn’t want you to think that they are anything other than what they are.

As a Transaction Coordinator, I’ve met and worked with thousands of Realtors both as my client and as the agent on the other side of the contract. And while they all have the same title, they aren’t all the same. Not just in the areas they specialize in, but also in how they run their business. Some are consummate professionals and easy to work with while others are harder to get to reply to a phone call or email than a dead relative.

Recently Beth, from our office, received a call from a Realtor wanting to know more about what a Transaction Coordinator from TMC could do for her. After she gave the caller the information requested the all-important question came up, “how much do you charge?”. Beth replied, and the agent told her there was someone in her office who was doing it for far less than our fee. (which by the way often people say, WOW, that’s all you charge when we quote our rate, but that’s a topic for another time)

So, Beth did what any great sales person would do, and she asked her “are you happy with the service your Transaction Coordinator is providing?”. The agent paused a bit and said, “not really, but for the price, it’s okay I suppose.”

When the only thing you look at in business is the costs, you’re missing out on something. As a Realtor, you’re a member of the community entrusted with helping people make the biggest financial decision of their lives. Is providing them okay service what you want to be known for? Is this going to help you build your referral base so you can continue to grow your business? Or are you tripping over dollars to save a few dimes?

Which leads me to another point in comparing products and services and deciding where you want to spend your dollars. You can go to Wal-Mart and buy a pair of shoes, or to a nice local department store. Both shoes will cover your feet, likely protect you from the elements and essentially get the job done. Not only are the shoes different, so is the shopping experience. Which shopping trip will make you feel valued as a customer? Which one will you be excited to tell your best friend about the next time you see her?

Okay, the point made, not all Realtors are alike, and not all Transaction Coordinators are either. If you’re not happy with what you have or ready to add a Transaction Coordinator to your growing business, please consider TMC. Not only will you find our services to be more like a trip to the nice department store or an upscale burger joint, without busting your budget, your customers will also. And then the next time someone asks them about their home buying or selling experience they will be proud to pass along your information.

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Michelle Spalding, Founder/CEO of Transaction Management Consultants, LLC. The company provides transaction management services to busy real estate professionals throughout the United States. With the help of a skilled Transaction Coordinator you could have all the things you wanted from your business. It’s time to hire a Transaction Coordinator. Outsource your transaction coordinator and listing coordination to the nation's leading real estate coordinating provider.