Many people today argue for their limitations. They do this because their reality is limited in the way they perceive things. You may often hear them say, “This is the way it is done”, “This is the correct way”, “This is the way I have always done it.” The behavior comes from limited thinking and a restriction in how they view things. A person in their brilliance, looks for answers beyond what has happened in the past. Unlimited possibilities becomes the norm, as they are operating from their brilliance, their soul self.

When people are not operating from their brilliance they are stuck and therefore limiting their potentials. People are often stuck in their five senses. When someone is stuck in the five senses they have trouble moving into unlimited possibilities. The world is seen through limits and restriction.

People also can be stuck in their minds. Their thinking, beliefs, and perceptions are running the show. These beliefs and perceptions are usually other people’s beliefs that they chose to accept as their own. It is fairly easy to tell when someone is stuck in their minds because they do not explore all sides of an issue. By believing they are correct, they justify what they believe is right. When a person moves into justification you can guarantee they are operating from their mind.

Another issue many have is being stuck in the rules of society and the matrix setup. Because society has been operating under beliefs, rules, and perceptions for so long, people believe them to be facts. When someone thinks something is true or a fact they seldom look beyond it. The behavior is then to deny any information that might indicate that their FACTS are not correct. Our current society is set up with rules and restrictions that limit a person.

To operate from your brilliance certain ideas need to be dismantled and new more empowering, expansive perceptions emerge. When a person sees themselves as free they are usually operating under these new perceptions.

1. The spirit/soul is the guiding force
2. There are no rules and the spirit is free to express at all times.
3. Current structures are programmed constraints that foster limitation
4. The spirit/soul is complete and needs no healing
5. The body is the vehicle for spirit
6. The mind is used as a compliment to spirit, the mind takes direction from spirit
7. When programs are dismantled the spirit moves freely

Living in your brilliance is freeing. You are free to be your authentic self. Justification of your actions drop away. You are no longer in denial. Unlimited possibilities exist, another person’s perceptions are just that, perceptions. When you see all possibilities and an unlimited world you no longer have to argue for your limitations. You are free to be your awesome beautiful brilliance. Another funny thing happens, everything you thought you knew is now in a state of questioning. You become awareness experiencing life and allowing others to experience life from their perceptions. Right and wrong disappear and only love remains!

Author's Bio: 

Jeanne Henderson works with you to expose the blocks and limiting programs that keep you stuck. She will help move you to a more expanded awareness where connection to your authentic self can be realized. Through this dismantling of outdated perceptions and beliefs you can move into freedom and unlimited potentials.

Jeanne has worked with Shamans, is a Reiki Master, Psychic and Reality Upgrader.