Janet had a hard time trying to decide how much to share from her experience with bariatric surgeon Dr. Marco Sariñana, an expert in endoscopic and bariatric surgery, that she actually wrote several testimonials about what has happened in her life since her surgical experience and the surgery.

"I feel so good these days, despite the fact that I will be 62 years old in September and retiring from a full time job." Janet feels so good and so full of life now that she is considering picking up additional part-time work, and even working in a retail store, something she could not have done before the surgery because she weighed too much to stand on her feet too long.

Janet Achieves Success in Mexico
Janet is very excited to promote the expertise, compassion and concern of Dr. Marco Sariñana. As a Yuma, Arizona native, Janet is very pleased she found this excellent and highly qualified bariatric surgeon in Mexicali, just a hop, skip and a jump across the border from her home.

Since her surgery one year ago, Janet has lost 100 pounds, a safe and gradual weight loss that has not only changed her outlook about her appearance, but has offered deeper changes into her lifestyle and eating habits.

A surgery that changed a Life
In August 2010, Janet made the decision and traveled to Family Hospital in Mexicali to have the gastric sleeve weight-loss surgical procedure. Janet was not that concerned about going to Mexico for her surgery, she was worried how the surgery would affect the rest of her life.

"Janet was concerned about changes in her lifestyle," says Dr. Marco Sariñana. "She wondered if she would be able to eat normal food, if she would lose the weight, and most importantly, if she would survive the surgery. These are all very normal questions."

When she met Dr. Sariñana, Janet's anxieties were soothed. Dr. Sariñana's calm bedside manner helped relieve her anxiety before the surgical procedure. When she woke up from the surgery (done laparoscopically), she felt only a little discomfort but nothing serious. The following morning she was up and walking around her room.

"One of the most comforting things was that, unlike in the US, my husband was allowed to stay in the hospital room with me. The hospital has a wonderful cook and restaurant, and my husband assured me that the food was delicious!"

Janet stayed in the hospital for several days and then returned home. A year after surgery, Janet writes, "I feel wonderful. I have energy, stamina, and my bones and joints do not ache anymore."

Janet weighed 225 pounds when she went in for surgery; she has gone from a 3/4 extra-large T-shirt and 22 to 24 pant size, to medium shirts and a 10/12 pant size, and she is not done yet. Janet had tried for years to lose weight, and sometimes was successful, but she always put the weight back on.

"The gastric sleeve surgery makes it easier to just eat small amounts of food, and feel full faster. Smaller portions keep the stomach small, and coupled with exercise, offers extremely beneficial results," says Dr. Sariñana.

"The before and after photos of Janet's gastric sleeve weight-loss procedure, and the bright smile on her face are perfect examples of what happens when you match the right patient with the right doctor," states Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay, an international medical tourism resource and information center. "We're so pleased to have helped Janet on her journey toward health and wellness and will continue in our efforts to provide such happy results to patients from around the world."

"I thank Dr. Sariñana for suggesting and explaining the surgery to me so I could explore it and make an informed decision. He gave me the tool to a much healthier, happier real life. Thanks, doctor," Janet smiles.

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Dr. Marco Sarinana, Endoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon in Mexicali, Gastric Bypass Surgery Mexico, perform a variety of obesity weight loss surgery to aid long-term weight loss treatments. He is an accomplished gastric bypass surgeon with significant experience in, Gastric Band Surgery, gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeve surgery.