Various types of injuries occur in an accident. People who work in manual industries or spend most of their time on roads are more at risk of accidents. Some injuries only cause bruises and fractures. However, some severe accidents can lead to injuries which can cause amputation and disability. These injuries can change the victim’s life completely. In the same way, arm amputation is an injury which usually occurs due to severe accident. This can make a person completely disabled for the whole life.

Hands and arms play an important role in doing daily life tasks. They help us in lifting objects, in driving a vehicle, carrying and pushing objects. Hands or arms also help us with writing and cooking. Without hands, these tasks are quite impossible to do. If you lost your arm in an accident, you could claim compensation. If you get amputation due to an accident in the workplace or during the work, then you should definitely claim the compensation. Sometimes, employees hesitate to claim against their employer. It’s their legal right to claim for their injuries and suffering they face due to accident. There are various types of injuries that can cause arm amputation. Crushed bones, damaged nerves can also cause arm amputation. Losing an arm in an accident can alter your life. As you do the tasks with both of your hands, but now you have to do it with one. This will cause trouble in your daily life. Arm amputation can cause a psychological problem and can also lower your confidence level.

Arm Amputation

Arm amputation is the surgical removal of hand, arm or elbow to prevent spreading infection. This can also occur due to medical negligence or wrong diagnosis. Arm amputation can occur in various forms. Some types of arm amputation are:

Shoulder disarticulation – Amputation that occurs from shoulder. In this amputation, the victim will lose his complete arm.

Forequarter amputation – just like shoulder amputation, in forequarter amputation victim experiences his arm amputation from shoulder.

Trans-humeral amputation – In trans-humeral, amputation occurs above the elbow joint. In this victim face upper arm removal between shoulder and elbow.
Elbow disarticulation – Amputation through elbow joint is known as elbow disarticulation.

Trans-humeral amputation – In this condition arm amputation occurs below the elbow. The amputation will occur from the forearm.

Wrist disarticulation – amputation from hand is known as wrist disarticulation. As you have seen, there are many different types of arm amputation. In arm amputation, every victim will have a different amount of compensation according to their damage.

Seeking solicitor’s advice

After getting medical attention, you can seek the help of personal injury solicitor to claim the compensation. You should seek the help experienced and professional personal injury solicitor if you want to win a handsome amount. He can help you in various ways.

Personal injury solicitor Preston can help in calculating the damage in the form of compensation. This will help to demand the compensation in settlement talks. If the opposite party agrees on settlement talks, then the case is closed. Otherwise, the solicitor will send them legal notice of court hearing. This process is a bit complex, but with the help of personal injury solicitor, you will not attend the court hearings.

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