Arm liposuction using BodyTite is a great option if you are looking to achieve more toned and shapely arms. BodyTiteis a new modality by Invasix that helps remove excess cellulite deposits, tighten loose skin and coagulate tissues to make the arms appear naturally smooth.

The Procedure in Brief

The powerful radio frequency energy is delivered through a compact bipolar handheld device which melts stubborn and superficial layers of fat. Multiple cannulas (3mm in diameter) are used for aspiration as soon as the fat cells are liquefied. The procedure usually takes less than an hour for completion but the treatment time may vary for each patient.

Advantages of BodyTite Arm Liposuction

  • Fast paced treatment
  • Coagulates tissues to minimize bleeding
  • Even heating of skin and subcutaneous layer
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Least painful or discomforting
  • Patients remain conscious under sedation
  • Hardly any signs of surgical intervention
  • Minimal surgical trauma, scarring or bruising
  • Minimal downtime
  • Quick recovery

The cosmetic procedure ensures maximum patient safety and comfort with the closed loop system, characteristic of the device. It is a safety feature that delivers uniform energy over the treated area and prevents excessive heating of fat and dermis.

Get Fast and Definite Results

Arm liposuction gets you fast and definite results. It is an effective procedure for men and women who want to achieve more toned, shapely arms. It is best to seek customized treatment from experienced plastic surgeons who combine artistry and skill to ensure the best outcomes.

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