A number of plastic surgery centers in Manhattan and other areas of New York offer arm tuck surgery that is a great option for achieving more toned and proportionate arms. The procedure is performed with the help of the innovative and ground-breaking radiofrequency technology found in BodyTite™. The results offered by this device have proven to be excellent, and it is expected to get FDA approval soon. So, if you’re bothered by your sagging and flabby upper arms, you can search online for providers of this procedure and try to collect testimonials and reviews of different practices and plastic surgeons so that you can select the best. Read further to find out more about arm tuck surgery or brachioplasty.

For Great-looking, Uniformly Contoured Arms

Excess drooping skin in the area of the upper arms can occur due to heredity, weight gain or the natural aging process. Once the condition sets in, even extensive weight loss and dieting measures often prove ineffective in eliminating the accumulated fat and the sagginess. The loose skin folds make a person hesitate to wear sleeveless clothes. What’s more, it causes irritation and skin rash development under the arms. A brachioplasty procedure would get rid of any excess fat and do away with the drooping and loose skin. During the initial consultation, your plastic surgeon would consider factors such as skin tone and the amount of excess fat and loose skin present.

BodyTite™ Arm Lift is Safe and Accurate

This arm lift technique would be carried out under local anesthesia and is commonly an outpatient procedure. Both men and women can take advantage of the procedure. BodyTite™ uses radiofrequency energy converted from electrical energy to liquefy the fat cells. A hand piece is used to transmit the radio-frequency energy to the adipose skin and fat. Your plastic surgeon need make only a small sized incision in your arm to carry out the procedure, which makes it minimally invasive. If you don’t have much sagginess, you can go for mini arm tuck surgery which has an even smaller incision. The other advantages of this procedure are outlined below:

  • As only local anesthesia would be administered, there is less risk. Further, you would be wide awake and able to see the procedure being performed.
  • Controlled delivery of radiofrequency energy
  • Minimal pain
  • A small incision means minimal surgical trauma and also minimal scarring
  • As the BodyTite™ system would only target the specific area and not any surrounding cells or tissue, surgical trauma is further reduced.
  • Precise and uniform contouring
  • Minimal downtime

Feel Youthful and Attractive

Arm tuck surgery procedure has many advantages and thus is worth going for. It is ideal for anyone wanting more toned and proportionate arms that suit the contours of the rest of their figure. Men who go for the procedure can feel younger and more handsome and women can wear their favorite spaghetti straps and sleeveless attire.

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Arm Tuck Surgery Manhattan - BodyTite™ arm lift surgery helps reduce excess fat and skin in the arms.