Arm tuck surgery can enhance your beauty and make you look younger with its ability to correct sagging skin folds of the upper arms. Both men and women can take advantage of the procedure to get rid of their batwings, flabby skin, and arm flaps that make them look older than they really are.

For Tighter and Well-shaped Upper Arms

It is common knowledge that extensive weight loss though advantageous leaves the person with a lot of loose skin which is difficult to remove. One of the common areas of development of such loose skin is the upper arms. Other factors contributing to the development of sagging upper arm skin are heredity and the natural progress of the aging clock. However, there is now a suitable solution for the problem. The brachioplasty (arm lift) procedure gets rid of the excess sagging skin and incorporates superior skin tightening and contouring. The incision for arm tuck surgery is created in an inconspicuous position, so scarring is not an issue here.

BodyTite™ Arm Lift – Safe with Minimal Downtime

BodyTite™ assisted arm lift surgery is minimally invasive, safe and accurate and ensures a smooth recovery. BodyTite™ utilizes patented radiofrequency assisted liposuction technology (RFAL™) to achieve the desired contouring and considerable skin contraction. There are several advantages associated with using this device for brachioplasty:

• It needs only local anesthesia
• No lumpiness or irregularities after the liposuction
• Only the specific targets of fat deposits are heated and melted and there is no damage done to the surrounding tissues
• Safety features control impedance levels and skin temperature, thereby keeping possibilities of thermal injury at bay
• The area of fat deposits is pre-heated making it easier to remove the deposits and thereby limiting surgical trauma

A Good Plastic Surgeon is the Key to Assured Success

An important test of whether your arm tuck surgery has been successful or not is whether both your arms appear symmetrical to each other or not. If not, that means you chose the wrong person to perform the procedure. To choose right, give preference to the following factors:

• The plastic surgeon should be one who performs this surgery on a frequent basis and with successful outcomes.
• He should have a pleasant bedside manner and genuine concern.
• He should be working in a center having at least one professional accreditation such as AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities).
• Proximity is ideal or at least easy accessibility. Some plastic surgery centers offer patients staying far off the opportunity of flying in for surgery. For this purpose, assistance would be provided for hotel accommodation and other arrangements.
• You should be able to get positive reviews about the surgeon online or from people who have been treated by him.

To conclude, arm tuck surgery like all other forms of plastic surgery carries its own chances of risk though these chances would be limited if you go to the right doctor. So weigh the pros and cons and see if you have any contraindications before you proceed with the surgery. What can’t be denied however is that it is a wonderful and reliable way to correct sagging skin folds of the upper arms.

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