Armed security guards in jewelry have become the issue of debate in security insider circles, especially in Orange County and LOs Angeles. After many jewelry stores were robbed in the LOs Angeles and Orange County area recently phones were ringing at many security companies. Jewelry business owners want to make sure that the trauma of being robbed by armed perpetrators does not repeat itself. Many jewelry businesses today have very lax security protocols, which is alarming considering the high value merchandise they deal with.

Armed crime is on the rise in LOs Angeles and Orange County and criminals seemingly have become more emboldened in the last year or they are willing to take greater risks. In any case armed robberies in high foot traffic areas in broad daylight are not out of the ordinary any longer. That means for business owners that the risk of getting robbed has increased dramatically. More significant than the potential loss of merchandise is the potential for employees or customers getting hurt. That would not only be a human catastrophe, but also impact the business' reputation and create enormous liabilities from lawsuits. 

Many jewelry store owners calculate the costs of hiring a security company and come to the conclusion that is would be too expensive to hire an armed security guard or it would damage the image of the store. Aside from the fact that there are many cost effective and very professional security companies in LOs Angeles and Orange County, an armed robbery could damage the reputation of a business beyond repair. Also many jewelry stores in Beverly Hills that are most careful in term of image are employing armed security guards. Customers tend to feel more secure and do not mind the presence of armed security officers. Naturally, the armed security guard should be extremely well trained and supervised. He should also possess impeccable customer service and communication skills.

Stores that are thinking about hiring a security company should make sure that the company provides service beyond just providing the security guard. The company should provide a security consultation and should create security protocols for employees of the store and for the security officer. A written security plan should be created in cooperation with the store's management. Also written post orders for the security guard should be created. The company should provide frequent supervisory visits, which would ensure client satisfaction and adherence to security protocols. 

IN general business owners should think about the benefits of hiring an armed security guard, because it decreases the risk of being robbed immensely. Nevertheless, business owners should carefully choose the company they hire and ensure that the company provides the services mentioned above. A good security company will protect businesses and provide peace of mind.

Author's Bio: 

Charles Willis is a security consultant for a security company in Los Angeles frequently training and coaching Los Angeles Security Guards and Orange County Security Guards. He has provided security consultations to numerous Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses. He is recognized as one of the specialists in the security consultation field.