Aromatherapy and yoga are ancient and holistic physical practices, both offering mental, physical and spiritual benefits for the person who practices it. When aromatherapy blends with practicing yoga, it can enhance the experience of the practitioner and can also help benefit from both therapeutic areas. Your senses are enthralled with the splendid aromas when you practice this therapy but you need to focus and concentrate. Remember that the effect of your practice will be intensified and better only when you watchfully choose the best aromatherapy essential oil blends. You can particularly use some aromatherapy blends in order to enhance yourself spiritually, mentally and physically as well.

Aromatherapy essential oils – What are they?

Essential oils of aromatherapy are the fragrant liquids that you usually find in naturally growing materials. Essential oils, called essences are actually the botanical extracts of different plants and they just don’t come from flowers but also from trees, herbs and some other materials too. It depends on the makeup of an essential oil that the person who practices will start experiencing an increased range of emotions. You could find yourself letting go of negative emotions and experiencing a detoxifying sensation that helps you balance your hormonal fluctuations and can even help to align the chakras and endorse peace and calmness.

Relation between aromatherapy and yoga – How one helps the other

Aromatherapy oils are extremely useful and they’re best when used under the supervision of an expert aromatherapist or a yoga instructor who has been qualified in aromatherapy. However, you can also buy pre-blended oils that carries directions on how they should be used for the different aspects of your yoga practice and which oils are best to use for some particular aspects. For instance, lavender can enhance relaxation and lemongrass can energize and revitalize.

While practicing yogaroma, there are some factors that you should consider. Well, there are innumerable ways of making some essential oils appropriate for practicing yoga like burning or diffusion of oils during the class and then allowing the person to inhale the fragrance. You can experience a calm effect and it allows a little amount of oil to be distributed within the room.

One more way in which you can use aromatherapy to improve your yoga practice is by utilizing the oil blends directly into the skin. Ensure that you don’t apply neat oils into your skin as they should be pre-blended and then diluted into the carrier oil. Applying oils with your hands and attempting a downward motion is not a safe way to practice yoga. Always use yogaroma blends with a roller ball tip into the pulse points as this is both safe and practical.

If you’re looking for aroma yoga in Marin, you can get in touch with some of the best fitness clubs in Marin for more information. However, be sure about the fact that the yoga instructor is trained enough to provide you with the best services of aromayoga.

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