All of us familiar with aromatherapy but very few people don’t know about this. Aromatherapy is the process of healing for body and mind. Fragrances are use in this therapy. Essential oil is the basis of this therapy. These essential oils found in leaves, roots, flower, seeds, resin and bark of plant. These oils either used in a pure or diluted form. Sometimes they blended with other oils to generate the vital strength.

The aromatic essences known as essential oils and hydrosols, that comes from botanical material. Mostly mouth washes and toothpaste contains essential oils. Many people use these essential oils in their daily lives. In aromatherapy there is a therapeutic use of essential oil for health purpose. One can also say it ‘plant therapy’ or ‘botanical therapy’. Homeopathic remedies, flower remedies are some examples of botanical therapeutics.

These essential oils are medicinal that travel through the blood stream reacting with...Read More

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