Aromatherapy is one among the safest ways to attain relaxation and stress relief. This painless treatment for improving physical and mental functions of body gives relief from body discomforts and improves the well being of person. Enhancing blood circulation, boosting immune system of body and improving the functioning of respiratory system are some among the important advantages of using aromatherapy. It can be considered as a best alternative to other health treatment options.

Aromatherapy functions by enjoying the smell of essential oils. These essential oils, also known as essence oils are highly concentrated, volatile essence made from herbs. Generally, these oils are extracted from flower, stem, roots, leaf and bark of plant. These essential oils are highly concentrated, so it is advised to use oil by diluting with a carrier. As the part of aromatherapy, scents from essential oils are inhaled by person. It will stimulate the olfactory nerves inside nose and activates limbic system which helps in releasing endorphins.

Absorption of essential oils to skin and bloodstream is an important function of aromatherapy. It helps in rejuvenating your cells and makes you look younger and healthy. Massaging using essential oils can be considered as a healing magic for aching muscle. Lavender, chamomile, sage and bergamot are some among the common essential oils used for aromatherapy. Presence of hydrocarbons in essential oil prevents intestinal gas, reduces bacterial infections and reduce inflammation.

Essential oils used in aromatherapy promote new cell growth and heals wound faster. It acts as a perfect cure for killing bacteria and energizing body. According to the type of essential oil used aromatherapy can be divided into versatile types like rosemary's aromatherapy and lavender's aromatherapy. It have shown amazing positive affects on improving performance and mood. Aromatherapy increase memory and alertness of person with zero adverse action.

In today's busy lifestyle and stressful living conditions, aromatherapy can be considered as a safe and effective healing of mind, body and soul. Essential oils enriched with healing properties acts as a first aid measure for minor burns and cuts. Preventing rashes, warts, insect bites and cuts are some of the health benefits of performing aromatherapy. Today, aromatherapy is a well recommended remedy for discomforts like asthma, arthritis and allergies.
Relieving cramps, providing relief to cold symptoms and improving blood circulation are other health benefits of aromatherapy.

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