Aromatherapy has become a well-known alternative treatment for chronic medical conditions. Aromatherapy essentially involves inhaling aroma from oils extracted from plants in order to enhance health and well-being. An Aromatherapy Diffuser is a kind of device that allows the scent of essential oils and aromatherapy scents to dissolve into the air. It releases a scented mist into your living space. There is a wide range of diffuser that varies in terms of their technological complexity.

One of the simplest ways to decorate a room with the scent of aromatherapy oil is to simply adding a few drops to a tissue or cotton ball and place the tissue or cotton ball in the center of the room. The scent will slowly disperse into the air in the room. A tissue or cotton ball diffuser is especially useful in small spaces such as closets, vehicles and cabinets. Just a few drops of an essential oil such as balsam or grapefruit can scent an entire car quite nicely. Although this rudimentary kind of Aromatherapy Diffuser works perfectly well, there are electronic devices on the market that do the same job. Aroma oils or essential oils can be mixed with different kinds of natural materials and then mixed into baths. Aromatherapy Diffuser can be used with pure essential oils or fragrance oils. However, only essential oils can help you therapeutically. The fragrance oils do not hold the same therapeutic properties that essential oils do. In addition, fragrance oils are synthetically made and may cause an allergic reaction in some people. In general, you only need to add a few drops of a specific essential oil to a diffuser that works in different ways so read the instructions for use before using one. Usually, it may contain one or more of the highly distilled and pure essential oils.

There are over 500 types of the oils that are used in this traditional alternative form of medicine. Chamomile, orange, lavender, basil, lemon and cypress are just a few of them. In addition, there are different types of diffuser in the market. It can be used either as humidifier, atomizer, or air purifier. This scented mist provides a host of benefits such as relief from stress and insomnia, relaxation and air purification by killing bacteria and pollutants. Aromatherapy Diffuser that is heated with a candle is the traditional type of diffuser with a few drops of essential oil with water are added to the ceramic tray on top of the diffuser and a candle is placed underneath the tray to heat up the essential oils and release the therapeutic fragrance into the air. This type of diffuser should not be left unattended. A tea light candle is usually sufficient to use in a candle diffuser. Electric diffuser is considered as the safest type of diffuser that usually has a glass container in which to add the essential oils. It pushes out the different sized essential oil molecules all at the same time and has become more economical and environmentally friendly over time. Some types of electric diffuser now have silver ion sterilization technology which increase resistance to mold, corrosion, deodorize and sterilize. Perhaps one of the most valuable ways in which aromatherapy diffuser can be used in a clinical setting such as a hospital room or therapy room. An essential blend can be adapted to suit the patient’s individual therapeutic needs.

However, each patient should be consulted before using an aromatherapy diffuser as some people may not like the fragrance. In addition, there may be ethical considerations to take into account and the reason why many hospitals and therapy rooms in the United States do not routinely carry out this practice.

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