Aromatherapy is a practice using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance the psychological and physical aspects of well-being. The Aromatherapy Essential Oil is a fragrant from plant elixir that is usually used to have good health and wellbeing. Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oil is extracted from a wide variety of plants and each plant is said to contain its own homeopathic uses in the field of aromatherapy. The texture of it is typically not very oily unlike most perfumes and fragrance oils which are highly concentrated and by only a small amount is usually needed in a single use depending on the plant used. It is basically created in different methods as the oil may be extracted from a plant's bark, flowers, stems, roots, leaves or fruit. After that, distillation through steam, water or cold pressing can be used to make the extraction. Eucalyptus has the power to heal some respiratory system problems and is often recommended for cure in muscle aches and pains. Geranium is usually used to relieve nervous tension, pre-menstrual syndrome symptoms, repair broken capillaries, cuts, burns and certain types of eczema. The wonders of Aromatherapy Essential Oil extracted from peppermint include its ability to treat asthma, cramps, colds, fevers, headaches, mental fatigue and even also dizziness. Sandalwood is great for aphrodisiacs and it is truly valued in dermatology for its skin healing properties. Tea tree is well known for its disinfecting, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Also, lavender is one of the most utilized oil in Aromatherapy where its calming effect is well documented. It is commonly used in a wide variety of products from perfumes and deodorants to mosquito repellents and after sun lotions. Its uses as an essential oil vary from treatments for restlessness and anxiety yet also a treatment for burns and insect stings. Prior to use, the oil is usually mixed with some type of carrier oil such as olive, grape seed or almond oil, in order to dilute them for a safety doses. Aromatherapy Essential Oil has the capacity to provide physical and psychological benefits when it is used properly. There are various essential oil with a multitude of different benefits. When actually inhaled, the molecules of it are normally absorbed into the lungs and bloodstream. Hence, it is important to be knowledgeable of oil’s safety and possible effects prior to using it. To properly use the essential oil, one must first decide which oil would suit best for his or her ailments. Many aromatherapy books, websites and practitioners are available to consult for this type of purpose. Once selected, the oil should be diluted with carrier oil if it is not diluted already and then the aromatherapy essential oil can be applied to the skin or bath or inhaled depending on the type of oil. Some is not totally safe for a skin application and a professional aroma therapist or other reliable resource should be consulted if possible.

To find out which one is the best for you, consult an aromatherapy expert or conduct some research. There is a wide variety of it that is always available and will surprise you. Most aromatherapy essential oil is normally sold in very small glass bottles. Single oil is usually available as well as oil blends from multiple plants. It tends to vary greatly in price as some is easily accessible while others are derived from rarer plants and the quality and quantity of oil can also affect its price.

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