You may be wondering why art classes for kids are important for your child’s development. Whether you are looking for a creative outlet for your little ones to enjoy or to hone their innate artistic potential, as a parent, it’s our onus to take charge of our children’s personal growth.

At Kawaii Art Tribe, we are here to help you make better decisions as parents and caregivers. While some of us are all for sending our kids to extracurricular art classes, its also important to understand why this will be one of the best investment you can make for their education!

Kawaii Art Tribe is always up to date with new and exciting art lessons every week! We take pride in designing our art classes to allow children to appreciate the different aspects of art in fun and engaging ways. While traditional art classes typically focus on just one skill such as painting, drawing or sculpting, we believe that converging different art forms can help kids truly think out of the box and develop their creativity further. Our art teachers take reference from the Visual Arts standards, so you always know your kids have rich learning experiences while having fun.

Before diving into what types of art classes are available to your child, let's look into why learning art is essential for your child’s growth.

Have you ever wondered why we are so fascinated with Neanderthal cave art? Or why almost every toddler is drawn to rainbow crayons and colorful pom poms?

While it seems that drawing is just as much fun as imaginative play and messy sensory play for most children, some parents are left baffled how their child can be scribbling endlessly over a simple piece of paper.

So what exactly that makes drawing such an alluring activity for kids? Well, the ability to learn to draw is a fundamental part of our DNA. Drawing is the starting point for communication and expression that makes us unique as humans.

As a primary visual language to help us understand and be understood, drawing is as important as the development of written and oral skills.Drawing also goes far beyond our instinctive need to communicate in early childhood.

Drawing is the basic skill behind professions as diverse as animation, architecture, engineering, and marketing. It is never too early to give your child the opportunity and confidence to explore their passion. Who knows if their innate talent to draw could carve the path for their future career!

Most cities around the world have options with art classes for children. These range from casual sessions held in an artist's home to large purpose-built studios set up as an art school.

Some art classes are affiliated with schools, both regular public schools, and art-specific schools, and run as after-school programs. Others are run from community art centers that provide art classes to different age groups, usually as a non-profit organization, with discounted rates. There are also classes that are privately held by formally qualified teachers and freelance artists.

Children can experiment with color, shape, line, shape, texture, and value and use creative art materials such as bamboo brushes, molding materials, thread, oil pastels, and more.

Children are also guided in their exploration of different art forms like painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, paper and fabric art, mosaics, anime, studio art, and styles ranging from pop art to pointillism and everything else in between.

Regular exposure to creating art helps children build their cognitive skills including concentration, problem solving, language, history, measurement, critical thinking, fine motor development, and many other skills that can contribute to their academic success in school.

Art classes give children the opportunity to use their imagination in expressing their ideas and originality while experimenting, solving problems, and creating unique works of art. Under the guidance of the right art teachers, children will develop the confidence in their ability to learn and to create. Research has shown that a child’s self esteem is crucial in determining his or her persistence at difficult tasks, which is a key determinant of their future success.

At Kawaii Art Tribe, we have made it out mission to improve children's lives by creating an educational learning environment that sparks their imagination. One that leads them to discover and hone their creativity, innate talents and skills.

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