I no longer suffer the pain and symptoms associated with arthritis and gout. I accomplished this feat by making a shift in the way I think, feel and act. There was no magic, no mystery and no drugs: just sheer determination to live the best life possible. I started with taking personal responsibility for my health.
Of course, everything is connected. Although I was experiencing pain in my fingers, I knew that I had to consider my thinking, feelings and my resulting habits and behavior. I knew my choices had everything to do with the pain I was experiencing.
My road to recovery started with finding some quiet time to think and reflect. In my quiet space I asked myself ‘what am I thinking that is causing me to make choices that were resulting in bad health’. The answers came slowly as I made continuous efforts to research my condition.
Unconscious habits of eating, irregular exercise, not drinking enough ‘healthy’ water and toxins in my body were the main culprits. Applying the things learned through research, I began improving my diet, drinking healthier water, exercising more regularly and detoxifying through fasts and cleanses.
Examining my unconscious habits of eating (not consciously choosing healthy foods), I realized I was throwing my body chemistry out of balance. I decided to start eating more organic fresh fruits and vegetables. I further eliminated more toxins in my diet drinking distilled water and avoiding fruit juices from concentrates. Next I focused on eliminating refined flour, sugar and salt from my food choices. I also made the conscious decision to eliminate dairy products and replace them with healthier alternatives. With each step I gained more control over the results I desired.
After years of neglect I knew my body was laden with toxins throughout so I began fasting and cleansing regularly. I did liver, colon and kidney cleanses. I started with a parasite elimination program which worked very well. I did all types of fasts and they all worked very well. My most recent and newest fast was an all distilled water fast for three days. That was a very interesting experience.
Although taking these steps improved my overall health and relieved the pain in my joints, I knew there was something deeper I had to address. I have always considered myself to be an intelligent person, so I wondered ‘why was I repeatedly making those bad decisions that led to bad health’. There were some underlying emotional, spiritual or subconscious factors that I had to deal with.
I developed a program using techniques to relax, relieve the stress and release the emotional baggage I was carrying. I sought and received spiritual clarity that helped restore and enhance my energy levels. Prayer, meditation, gratitude sessions and theta healing helped me most in reaching a place of peace and balance.
Of all the steps I took to improve my overall health, the most immediate and lasting benefits I received was from organic apple cider vinegar. If I had to point to the one single thing that helped rid me of that debilitating arthritic pain it would be adding that to my daily diet. If my complete regimen seems daunting drinking apple cider vinegar is something almost anyone can consider right now.
If your condition is severe or if you are under your doctor’s care please consult your professional team before starting any program.

Author's Bio: 

William Saafir has gained mastery overcoming personal health challenges of arthritis/gout, allergies and severe back problems. Taking complete charge of the healing of his body, spirit and mind, William has done extensive research in a variety of modalities including ‘Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique’(B.E.S.T.), ‘Namburipad’s Allergy Elimination Technique’(NAET), Theta Healing and Critical Incident Stress Management’ (CISM). He has ultimately plotted his own wellness course and helped his children overcome thyroid problems, allergies, depression and diabetes. As a successful father of seven wonderful children, an educator and community leader he has helped many overcome serious health issues by providing helpful information.
With 50 years of leadership roles, starting as a teenager serving as co-founder and president of the Student Committee for Improvement in Watts (1961-65) in Los Angeles, CA, culminating as president of the board of the Near Southeast Community Development Corporation in Fort Worth, TX, William has continually worked to improve the state of health in America's inner cities.
In 2009 William was deemed ‘Volunteer of the Year’ in Fort Worth, acknowledging his commitment to total wellness, evidenced by his relentless efforts to heal humanity through homeschooling his seven children, hosting youth rallies in area schools, serving as a spiritual leader, a stress management/peer support liaison for city employees and a community organizer and developer.