Arthritis is a disorder of the joints that leads to inflammation.  Normally, a joint in a body is the area where two bones meet. These points go through extreme usage which later causes pain. The pain is due to the inflammation of the joints. This mainly happens due to the wearing away of the joint cartilages. When four or more than those joints are involved in pain, the arthritis is commonly known as polyarthritis. While an inflammation of a single joint is called monoarthritis. There is several forms arthritis treatment available. Read this article to know about the treatment procedures.

Weight Loss

The best way for efficient arthritis treatment is weight loss if you are very fat. Maintaining a healthy weight can be a good way to reduce the arthritis pains.  The more you are of your fats the lesser pressure will be there on your joints. If you lose a lot of weight, say, 10 to 20 pounds, the arthritis symptoms will disappear soon.


One great way to losing weight and maintaining a fit figure is by exercising every day. If you are already having the pains you will get relief, if you are still not attacked by the problems you would be spared if you do proper exercises. This is because inactivity can make you go in worse conditions where you have to seek arthritis treatments.

Exercises should contain strengthening, walking, biking and swimming. You can also include isotonic and isometric exercises in your regime.


This is a very old arthritis treatment process. They are known for relieving pain and disabilities. Several people have claimed that by undergoing this treatment process they have really got a better health of their joints.


Passing the electrical energy through the skin can help in easing the pains and swelling of the arthritic joints. Many people do go for this arthritis treatment procedure because they are of relief. Some doctors also suggest this arthritis treatment process to the patients. The process works by placing the electrodes in the affected parts of the joint. Another similar method is the electroacupuncture. In this method, needles are used to pass the electricity. 

Physical Therapy

In arthritis treatment, the role of physical therapy is great.  Physical therapy can help a person get the mobility to get out of the chair swiftly. Physical therapies are very much possible to be done at homes.  But while choosing a therapist you have to be sure that the person has sound experience in dealing with arthritis problems.

Topical Remedies

Skin tingles to mentholated creams and rubs. They are having great value for arthritis treatments because they give relief to the pain almost immediately. Prescribed creams and gel are sold in the market. They are anti-inflammatory drug and can be applied in external areas like knees, feet, ankles, wrists, elbows and the hands.

If you are suffering from unbearable pain you can seek the help of the doctor to get a proper guide about the type of arthritis treatment that can be good for your condition. You also need to maintain a healthy diet that the nutritionists suggest to that you witness better results with the arthritis treatment.

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