You have invested a lot of time, effort, and money into your website and you are hoping that it can effectively support your home based business. The quality of the website is above reproach as it is certainly visually impressive. The issue here, however, is whether or not the website will attain the proper amount of traffic needed for it to be successful. Well, if you are willing to put the proper time and effort into effective article marketing such concerns will cease to be much of a concern. Among the many different types of traffic generation and search engine optimization strategies available, it is not secret that article marketing can prove to be the most impactful.

Some may have questions regarding what exactly does this type of marketing entail. Essentially, it can be considered a form of promotional article writing that utilizes the search engines robots' capacity for indexing subpages for traffic generation. How does the process work, exactly? It is much simpler than most people assume.

On the internet, there exists a concept known as an article directory. Article directories accept submissions from writers on all manner of subjects. The prime component here is that all article submissions need to maintain a certain level of quality while maintaining a level of entertaining and informative article writing. While the publishers of the directory do not pay for the submissions, they allow for a resource box to be included at the end of the article. This resource box will include a link pointing to the website that the written article is supporting. From this, a great deal of organic traffic can derive which is why this method of article marketing is so popular.

Are the requirements for publishing on an article directory high? Honestly, the answer to this question will be based on the individual article directory. In general, as long as the article is well written, concise, logically presented, and grammatically correct, the odds are strong it will be published. For the article to be successful, however, it will need quite a bit of flair and originality since "standard" writing will not exactly draw a huge audience of readers.

How does article writing for a directory yield such high amounts of traffic? Basically, the article will be exposed to the readers of the directory. Additionally, it may be fed through a RSS feed which can further draw in more readers. All of this translates into direct traffic to the website the article is supporting which boost commercial success potential tremendously.

Also, over time the article will be indexed by the search engine robots. As long as the proper keywords are integrated into the text of the article, it may be "discovered" by various people browsing through the search engines. This creates the further potential for the article writing to deliver a high volume of traffic to the supporting website. And, of course, the more articles that are written and published on the web, the more potential traffic the website will receive.

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Patricia Hedge is a Canadian website developer with a special interest in helping people achieve success online with their websites for local and home based business