Article marketing is an excellent way to market your business online. But if you're a locally focused business, how can article marketing help your business? The trick is in geo-targeting this technique for a local target market.
So how do you do that? Read on to get a few pointers.
Answer Burning Questions... with a Local Twist
What keeps your target market up at night? What are they combing the Internet in search of answers for?
But be locally specific. For example, let's say your target market suffers from allergies. What are the specific allergens found in your geographic area? What is unique about treating allergies your city or county?
Another example: Let's say your target market is looking for a auto repair professional. Are there things that a car owner needs to keep an eye out for when they live in your city?
Find Out What They're Searching For Locally
One way to find out what your target market might be looking for is to do some keyword research.
When doing your research, be sure to include your location. For example, if you offer allergy relieve, then you might research key words and phrases such as "[your city] allergies" and "[your state] allergy."
Keep an eye out for key words and phrases with decent search volumes of about 50 or more Google daily estimated searches). This will assure you that your article is more likely to have a good amount of traffic.
Once you know what the burning questions are, you can answer them in your article. Better yet, create an opt-in bonus that answers the question at a deeper level and use the article to tease them with part of the answer. Your resource box then points them to your more developed answer to their burning question. This will help you grow your list of local prospects.
Optimize Your Article for Your Chosen Key Word Phrase
Now, to make sure that your article is found, you'll need to optimize it for the key word phrase. So, let's say you've chosen to write your article about "[your city] weather."
The first thing you need to do is include that phrase as early in your article title as possible. For example: "[Your City] Weather and Your Shoes" or "[Your City] Pet Sitting: How To Choose the Right Sitter for Your Pet."
Then you need to use the key word phrase in your article a few times. But don't over do it. About once for every 150 to 175 words is good.
Using these quick local article marketing tips, you can develop several articles to post to directories and start driving focused traffic to your website or offer.

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