There are a ton of article marketing tools on the market today. So many, in fact, that it can be nearly impossible for a newcomer to the online marketing game to decipher quality material from junk. You can't go by price because some of the worst products out there can be expensive. On the other hand, there are some very good products that are also a great value.

So, how are you supposed to figure out which are worth the money and which are a waste of your time and money?

First you need to know exactly what it is you're trying to accomplish. How many articles do you plan to write: 1 per week? One every day? One a month? Second, you need to have a budget figured out. Once you start using article marketing tools, you'll want to make sure you keep doing it. The worst thing you can do is get started, then stop a month later. As in any other part of building your business consistency is KEY!

4 Sure Fire Ways to Find Quality Article Marketing Tools

Here are some simple rules of thumb to keep in mind when searching for article marketing tools.

1) Reputation in the marketplace

Quality article marketing tools will be thoroughly tested, reviewed, and written about. Do a quick Google search and see what others are saying about it. Although testimonials from happy customers are very important, make sure and check some independent sources for objective opinions before you buy.

2) Longevity

How long has the product been on the market? A product that is new to the market has not yet been tested so be careful to evaluate it carefully before buying. If a product has been on the market for a long time, make sure that it is continually updated. Many products have a limited shelf life and might already be out of date even before you get it downloaded.

3) Strong Guarantee

Make sure your article marketing tools comes with a strong money back guarantee that's easy to take advantage of if you're not satisfied. I'm always reluctant to buy a product that doesn't come with a solid, easy to redeem money back guarantee. If the developer is extremely confident that they've produced a quality product that is going to more than exceed my expectations then they will be comfortable backing it up with a guarantee. If there's no guarantee, I'm skeptical and usually shy away from it.

4) High Value Add ons/Upgrades

Look for article marketing tools that load you up on added value and bonuses for buying. The more bonuses a developer is offering, the more confident you can be that you're getting the value for the money. Besides who doesn't like a freebie? I've bought products in the past just because I wanted the bonus and knew that alone was worth the purchase price.

Article Marketing Tools Conclusion

The bottom line: do your homework. Don't buy just any article marketing tools you come across, don't go cheap - you'll end up costing yourself more money and time in the long run and don't try to reinvent the wheel. Follow what other successful online marketers are doing. Use the article marketing tools and strategies they're using and do it better than they do and you'll have success.

Mary and Dean R Black

Author's Bio: 

Mary and Dean R Black are network marketers living in Atlanta Georgia. After years of struggle we finally found the solution that will take you to the top in your business. For more information on network marketing training and tips please visit our website at MLM Success