Christmas Party Games For Families last day on earth "There is no way to escape gracefully from Christmas" writes to JB (young and brilliant journalist), Jorge Bustos. And he adds: "It is not the brother-in-law, but our tenacious memory of aged children who inevitably remember snow and tinsel, the toy catalog of El Corte Inglés and moss for the Birth."
More ironically, the sharp pen of Carlos Esteban tells us in another article that he does not remember "having seen families riding together and looking forward to a model of the Cortes, with their figurines in plastic or clay of the constitutional fathers, when Day of the Constitution ".
What is meant by this is that Christmas is not an invention of department stores, nor a convention, nor an artificial and artificial party, nor a narcotic ñoño to fall asleep and forget the pain, but responds to a reality.
The articles by Jorge Bustos and Carlos Esteban are the two best pieces that have been written these days about Christmas, a celebration that continues to be celebrated despite the secular offensives and the insults of the new Mr. Scrooge.

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