Is it possible to get a front page feature article in your local newspaper just from sending a press release?

I've done it multiple times and you can too, but it involves a completely different type of press release than you have probably ever used before.

Most small business owners use press releases in one of the following ways:

1. To announce a special event, like a grand opening of a new location or an anniversary. These types of press releases typically result in a one or two paragraph blurb and possibly a small picture.

2. To announce an award, new accreditation, or attendance at a major conference. Doctors, Attorneys, Realtors and other professionals use these press releases. These types of press releases also typically result in a couple of paragraphs and they will usually include a headshot, if you provide one.

The problem with these common types of press releases is that you don't get much coverage and it is usually buried in the business section of the newspaper along with several similar blurbs about your competitors.

Unless your potential customers read the business section, then you probably aren't going to see any increase in sales.

I want to introduce you to a completely different format of a press release that is easy to create & distribute, and can achieve much better coverage.

I call this the Article Press Release because it is written like a complete article and even includes pictures.

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT use this strategy for national newspapers. This works very well for community newspapers and weekly papers.

Instead of using the typical press release format:

• Write this release as if you were writing a newspaper story.

• Write in the third person.

• Include quotes from you.

• Include pictures.

To promote a social media seminar I did for authors; I wrote the headline, the story, and submitted my headshot. They ran everything exactly as I submitted it and the seminar was standing room only!

I've done the exact same thing for human interest stories and general feature stories.

The reason the Article Press Release strategy works is because newspapers-- especially smaller, community newspapers, are severely understaffed. Many of them use freelancers that get paid $25 to $50 for every story they write.

If you submit an article they can use, then they don't have to assign a reporter or a photographer. You made their job easier which is a HUGE key in getting lots of free publicity.

Grab a copy of your local paper. Look for an article about someone in your field, a product or service similar to yours, and note the format the reporter used.

Now, write an Article Press Release based on your story or brand and submit it to the editor of the specific section of the paper that covers your topic.

Start with the smallest paper in your town. I've discovered that even the free weekly papers that get delivered to every home in your area, get tons of attention that will lead to more customers for you.

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