Your about to unearth an article marketer technique that could turbocharge your website traffic

With the right strategy anyone can rank on google page 1. Forget dreaming about attracting and driving precious visitors to your sales site, make it happen this week using the steps outlined below:

Article Marketer Step 1.Select a good keyword. A good keywork is one that is relevant to your website,gets at least 50 searches a day and has under 100 000 listings. It is critical to target keywords where you can be competitive. There are quite a lot of free tools you can get to find a targetable keyword Try googles free adwords tool as a start point or just conduct a search

Article Marketer Step 2. The article you write must be keyword rich.. Always put the keyword as the first word or phrase in the article title. For example if my keyword was article marketer and I writing some article marketing tips an appropriately formatted title would be Article Marketer Ideas To Boost Your Daily Visitors. Always ensure your article remains on topic and make consistent use of the keyword, article marketer, throughout the article.

Article Marketer Step 3. Put your article on your website. Take note of the url and copy this to your notepad. This is vital information that you are going to need to get noticed by the search engines

Article Marketer Step 4. Post your article to the article directories. There are plainly 1000's of article submission sites online and these are going to provide your site with the popularity you have been looking for. There are two crucial tasks you must complete before submitting your articles

Spin your contentSpinning is the task of creating several different versions of your article. Copying and pasting your original article everywhere will not make you rank higher It is not unique and will not rank. The secret is the more you rewrite the better. Change the title, rewrite sentences, replace words with synonyms. There are quite a few article spinners available online.

Secondly prepare a custom author bio for your new article. This is crucial. Your bio gives you the opportunity to include links. The first link must be used to point to your original article posted on your website. This acts like a homing beacon for the search engine spiders. When you post your article to the directories using this strategy you automatically create direct backlinks back to your site. Search spiders identify numerous articles on your keyword all pointing to your website as the authority and rank it higher. You should already have this copied to your notepad as required in step 3.

Article Marketer Step 5. Post your spun articles to as many article directory and blog sites as you possibly can. The idea is to use the same article to create 100's of original pieces of content all focused on a specific keyword or phrase, all pointing to your site as the authority.

By now your obviously thinking, wow that sounds like a heap of work. I concur to do this yourself would be a very labor intensive task. I use a great automation tool called Automatic Article Submitter that allows me to quickly and easily spin my articles, add custom author bios, and automatically submit to over 300 article directories.

Follow this techniques with a little consistency and you will become an expert article marketer overnight and be ranking on page 1 of google within days. This system not only works it creates a constant stream of traffic to your site for a long time to come.

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