It is one of the most appealing features of the synthetic turf that it requires less amount of care and maintenance than the natural grass in the lawn. You will no more need to fertilise, aerate, mow or waste a huge amount of water like green grass around your home. However, it nowhere means that artificial turf is completely maintenance-free. And, when it comes to keeping synthetic grass look at its best, here are a few maintenance tips to go by-

Frequency of Maintenance:

 How often you need to perform artificial grass maintenance depends on particular situations. For say, if you have pets, children, lots of trees and shrubs- you’re more likely to clean your synthetic lawn frequently. Moreover, if it is a dusty area, this may prompt you to rinse down the fake grass more often. So, here are a scheduled suggestion for you that can suit your needs-

Weekly Maintenance: 

Most homeowners need to rinse down the synthetic lawns once per week. Spray down the grass fibres with a hose, which will remove the dust and small debris that has been accumulated over the time between several courses of washings.

Monthly Maintenance:

According to synthetic turf suppliers in Mandurah, thorough grass cleaning needs to be carried out every month. It will give you clean, green and appealing lush throughout the year.

  • Remove the dust, dirt and leaves with a broom
  • Use a hand-held brush to sweep against the natural grain of the grass into an upright position.

When collecting dust, dirt and leaves with a stiff brush, make sure the brush bristles are not made of steel, which could even damage the fake grass. Once you thoroughly clean your grass, you will see these are not standing as upright as you desire. Even, it may happen that grass in a certain area is not getting erected after something heavy is kept or laid on it. With regular grooming with a brush, you can tame the blade of artificial grass bought from Mandurah to stand up properly. Regular grooming is also necessary to keep your lawn’s infill from getting compact.

Artificial Grass Has Some Unique Needs: 

Artificial grass doesn’t face the same threat as the real grass does. Though it is not susceptible to weeds or diseases, it is prone to come across the wear and tear.

Removal of Pet Waste: 

Being a pet-friendly option, the pet owners should follow a few things to keep the lawn looking great-

  • Scrap out a solid waste using pooper scooper or baggie
  • Hose down the area
  • Spray at least once a week on the pet ruinated area.
  • Use pet deodoriser if necessary

For Mild Stains: 

Be it a spill from the tumbling plate, alcoholic beverage knocked over- mishap with these simple everyday elements can make things worse. A few cleaning tips can save you from a lot of things-

  • Be prompt and clean up the spill with quick action.
  • Blot up the spilled liquid with a clean and dry towel
  • Rinse the area with water and mild household detergent

Performing these simple tasks on a regular basis will make sure that your lawn will remain clean with green lush, where you will relax, play or can hangout with your family and friends.


Author's Bio: 

The author is an Artificial Grass supplier in Mandurah and writes articles and blogs to make people aware of turf maintenance and installation tips.