Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought invaluable benefits to humanity. Hundreds of thousands of tasks that used to take weeks to complete can now be completed in a matter of hours. Many routine processes have become automated. Today artificial intelligence is used in almost every field.

But AI has fulfilled another important task, it forced the public to rethink the value of human resources. What role does artificial intelligence play in HR today? And why should every company hire ai developer?

The role of AI in HR

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the work of HR sector has changed dramatically. AI algorithms are able to select, analyze and evaluate huge amounts of digital data, and it is these tasks that are the most important to HR specialists.

Thanks to AI, their work has become much easier. This applies to any business, regardless of the specific field of its activity. Human resources (HR) specialists are no exception. The process of finding and selecting suitable applicants has become much easier and faster in companies that already use AI.

Why artificial intelligence is important for the sector of human resources:

  • it automates data, so repetitive tasks can be delegated to a smart machine. Thanks to AI, HR personnel can track applicants without any efforts; the selection of candidates is carried out using a special algorithm;
  • it simplifies data analysis. Managers don't have to look through tons of resumes. AI will select only those documents that meet certain requirements;
  • data collection process is simplified due to the use of chat bots;
  • chat bots and AI are actively used while onboarding new employees. Both employees and HR managers don’t have to spend their time training interns. The computer successfully copes with this task;
  • with the help of AI, it is possible to analyze who can successfully occupy leading positions, and who will soon leave the company.

A particular advantage of AI is its impartiality in decision making. Even the most professional employees sometimes subconsciously give a subjective assessment of a particular event or person. In the case of a computer, such an option is excluded, because artificial intelligence makes its decision cold-heartedly and one hundred percent objectively.

AI can perfectly match applicants and job offers, making the best combinations. One’s skills stated in a CV are compared with the requirements of the offer; previously, HR managers did it, spending a lot of their time, but now artificial intelligence quickly copes with this task.

AI-powered HR apps

In today's world, companies are already using AI for recruiting. Many AI-powered applications have been developed to help managers find perfect candidates. For example, the HireVue system conducts video interviews, during which the AI ​​reads and analyzes the emotions of an applicant. The CleverStaff application selects CVs of candidates on job search sites that best suit specific job offers. The Texito system optimizes ad copies to make them more attractive and understandable to potential employees.

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