If you ever pondered the reality of the new age, you may have stumbled upon some fundamental questions. You probably wondered what it will be like to be alive in the coming era, how our lives will be different from the way they are now. We know from the Ageless Wisdom that human beings will learn to think and act from a higher plane of awareness—that of the Soul. But how will this play out in our daily lives?

Through a chance encounter with an artist in the spring of 2009, I discovered how much the lives of spiritually conscious artists can tell us about our future. Brilliant colors streaming from the paintings of Ray Hart caught my eye at an outdoor arts fair and I stopped to learn about how he works. Shortly thereafter I happened to meet two other Virginia artists, Fred Kahler and Patti Chisholm, and discovered striking similarities in their creative processes. Later I interviewed all three to discover what the inner lives of artists can tell us about our potential to co-create a new world culture.

What most impressed me from these interviews was that each artist had found a way to connect with the flow of Spirit and allow that flow to enter the world. When doing their best work, each is aware of being “plugged in” to the Source of life-giving energy—the energy that heals, nurture and inspires. Each one has discovered how to “flip the switch” and release the current of energy that is always present but inaccessible until we learn to tap into it. Meditators learn how to tap into this subtle energetic flow through spiritual practice; poets, musicians, writers, and composers often do so spontaneously. The special gift of artists is their capacity to make that creative flow visible for others to perceive. In so doing, they provide us with a glimpse of the future that awaits us.

We are told that as the soul of humanity awakens and the new age unfolds, each of us will become a conduit for spirit in our own unique way. The motivating impulse of our lives will be the spiritual source that makes us whole and brings the soul into outer expression. The personality, the separated self with which we’ve been identified for eons, will become merely the vehicle for the soul’s expression in the world.

There will come a time when human beings in every walk of life will seek guidance and inspiration from the soul, the higher self, whose primary impulse is to serve the greater good.

Take a moment to imagine a world in which doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, farmers, teachers, architects, engineers, journalists, politicians, financiers, legislators, bankers, administrators, builders, gardeners, and people in every sphere are seeking to connect with the higher source of life as they do their work. More important than reward or remuneration will be their contribution to community, society, the greater life.

Author's Bio: 

Nancy Seifer and Martin Vieweg co-authored "When The Soul Awakens: The Path to Spiritual Evolution and a New World Era." They have been studying and practicing the principles of the Ageless Wisdom for over thirty years. This book represents the harvest of their transformative journeys. "When The Soul Awakens" took a Silver Medal in the 2010 Nautilus Book Awards. Previous winners of the award include Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, the Dalai Lama and Carolyn Myss.

Nancy Seifer was an idealist and activist early in life, before finding her way to the spiritual path. During the 1960s, she was a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa, a staff member at the African-American Institute in New York City, and an aide for ethnic affairs to New York City Mayor John V. Lindsay. In the 70s she directed a program on women and diversity at the Institute on American Pluralism, where she wrote numerous articles, papers, and chapters for anthologies. Her writings on American working-class women include a monograph (Absent From the Majority,1973) and a book (Nobody Speaks for Me!, 1976) that are still in use at colleges and universities.

In the late 70s, Nancy embarked on a quest for spiritual truth that led her to the ageless wisdom teachings, and to involvement in several visionary endeavors. While directing the Center for Peace through Culture, she travelled to the Soviet Union in 1986—a trip that sparked a decade-long immersion in post-Soviet Russia as spirituality was reemerging there. After writing Russian Odyssey (2003), a spiritual memoir born of that experience, she began work on When the Soul Awakens in an effort to make esoteric wisdom more accessible to a growing body of seekers. More information is available at http://www.WhenTheSoulAwakens.org .