Artist’s Integration: A Unique Blending

The artist spins and blends ideas inasmuch as the concept of Spin Art portrays this process so vividly well. This surrealistic technique embodies an intrinsic abstractionism by splashing an array of color and hues upon a spinner, so that it may intricately design and manifest into its finished product! I offer this as a metaphor for the artist’s integration process since Impressionistic Art is clearly not rational. This modality stimulates infinite combinations that may be unusually expressed. It conveys an imaginative, eccentric quality that opens itself up to various interpretations, which is what makes it so very interesting.

We can learn about ourselves from art! One can reflect upon a single piece and suddenly find oneself entranced and touched so deeply. With this immersion may come a new idea, a poignant memory or personal realization that allows for subconscious integration to occur. From this, we know It is true that the artist works in mysterious ways!

One can personally benefit by allowing new neural pathways to emerge. This reflective process becomes both the cause and the effect. It is an integral aspect for the artist’s way so that his authenticity may spontaneously come through. When I say “reflective” I refer to any conscious and/or subconscious thought process that arises to produce novel ideas or linkages that offer new ways of seeing/ or being. Supportive information to consider, as noted in the article, ”Get Out of Your Head”, featured in Spirituality & Health magazine, August 2014, Dr. Dan Siegel speaks of mind as having both mental and relational qualities. There’s an integration that occurs that honors vast differences yet remarkably values the harmony of these differences, the so called blending. Even though our mind is not a tangible part of us, it is very real and plays out in relational ways in our everyday lives.

Brain wiring and rewiring are about utilizing the artist’s emotionality and fostering integration so that it transforms emotionality into its own brilliant creativity. Ironically, although it may seem likely that positive emotions would lead to greater integrative activities and negative emotions would decrease integration, this is not actually true. Anxiety, anger or sadness per se, does not necessarily connote good or bad because they are quality indicators that serve as a pivotal threshold to move dormant energy towards creative expression.

In fact, artists’ anxiety is a very natural phenomenon that inevitably stirs creative juices within. This creative tension spirals through the aura field until its ready to transform and become manifest. In as much as paint is splashed on the canvas, the artist’s emotions move in a spiral of concentric circles that stir them to create a momentum for expression. Any emotion can be channeled and produce art that reflects an intensity of similar emotion. Have you ever observed a picture or piece of art and then felt an unusual strong emotional tugging? This is the hallmark feature that the artist has conveyed his message and accomplished his task!

When I myself get ideas for writing, they sometimes come in dribs and drabs, while at other times they seem to flow much more readily. When I consider the factors that influence this process, it becomes clearer to me that when I am fully present in my energy, feeling grounded in the now, I can integrate such ideas along their path more fluidly. In many ways it is as if these ideas are born and then take on a life of their own!

As the artist knows, there’s no other choice but to follow this path. This is what makes it a unique calling! So, how does one follow the yellow brick road to find their own inner wizard? The process may oftentimes require that you also must meet your own inner demons (the blackness within) just as Dorothy has journeyed through hers in The Wizard of Oz. With the story’s end, she comes to learn that she always had an inner power all the while. She just needed to believe and truly know that she was able to use it. Likewise, we are all creative beings!

The beauty of Surrealistic Art is that it truly blends both the conscious and unconscious aspects of mind. The avant garde spirit liberates and transcends unconscious elements and brings them into harmony with an absurd reality of art. So the next time that you may be feeling strong emotion of one form or another, honor your experience! Allow and take notice to feel what you feel! These are the centrifugal forces of creation. These are the raw materials for amazing, awe-inspiring art!

You are the creator in your life so become inspired to create something amazing today!

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Moreen is a heart centered Mind –Body- Spirit practitioner. She is author of "Divine Dimensions: Expressions in Daily Life" (copyright 2014) available at www.Barnes and, and

Additionally she is also co-author in three international, anthology publications through The Professional Woman Network.

As a Licensed NJ Social Worker, Life Purpose Coach and Reiki practitioner, she enjoys helping others explore and realize the beautiful latent aspects of themselves so they may reach their full potential and create a more meaningful,fulfilling life.

She is mother of two and resides in central NJ.

Available for free-lance writing projects.
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