Asbestos awareness training plays a crucial role in workplace with workers who disturb or deals with asbestos. Unawareness can lead to harmful diseases due to the exposure of the asbestos into the air.

Asbestos is mainly referred to as six naturally occurring fibrous minerals. These fibers are very minute in size and which is not possible to see with bare eyes, because of this unique nature, it can be easily inhaled by the human respiratory system and can embed in the lung especially when these fibers exposed into the air from damaged or broken asbestos.

Without a proper asbestos awareness training, it is impossible to remove asbestos properly by avoiding airborne diseases due to exposure of asbestos fiber. It is the responsibility of worker who disturbs asbestos to remove asbestos safely without spreading it into the air. By following some simple steps one can reduce the risks of asbestos hazards. Many of us are unaware of the danger behind the asbestos removal.

10 easy methods for complying with asbestos abatement

Take proper asbestos awareness training from an affiliated institution. Will give the staff more and efficient knowledge for handling asbestos safely.
Abatement of all building built in 70’s and 80’s with asbestos.
Identify whether the asbestos roof or any asbestos-containing material in your area is damaged or broken and remove all those immediately.
Appoint an asbestos removing contractor with the certificate in class A and B for current abatement of asbestos from your surroundings.
Identification asbestos in your area by collecting samples by a certified asbestos contractor.
Test the collected samples in the laboratory for proper identification of asbestos fibers in it.
Safe removal and disposal of identified asbestos occur.
After removing asbestos waste must be disposed of in a landfill that has a specific permit authorising it to accept asbestos.
Demolition of the house or building is the next task after removal of asbestos, only if the owner authorizes demolition of the house/building to proceed. The demolition employer proceeds to demolish the house using safe work procedures.
If any asbestos is found during demolition, all work is to hold until a risk assessment is done and the asbestos is safely contained or removed.

Make sure that all staffs in your organisation carry a certificate in asbestos removal. There are many institutions providing asbestos awareness online course, which help the workers to learn along with their work.

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Asbestos Awareness Online course has been designed for any individual working in an environment where there is a high risk of encountering asbestos. Under current EU legislation employers must ensure sufficient asbestos awareness training for all staff. Please note that this is an awareness course only and does not prepare you to work with asbestos containing materials. Olive Learning’s online Asbestos Awareness course is certified by UKATA. On successfully completing the course, the UKATA certificate is automatically generated and emailed straight to you.