Much has been written about the Ascended Masters. They are consider to be spirits that have incarnated on Earth, like all of us, but have learned the lessons of the Earth plane, transmuted all fear, and ascended into spirit. They have removed themselves out of the karmic cycles that keep most of us here. They have gone through the struggles of Earth and transmuted it into heaven. Many of these masters are well known such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Saint Germain, Moses, and many more. They are the prophets and saints of their times.
An important awareness to have about these masters is that they worked to uplift others. Even after they transcended out of the physical world, they remain in spirit and creating physical forms when necessary to assist humanity in its path towards ascension. Many of these masters are still here working with people to help them move into an ascended state of love. The masters take many forms to help us on Earth. I was once gifted the experience of fully experiencing a master. I have had a strong connection with the propet Elijah. At one time when doing some healing & meditation work he appeared in such power and radiant love that it was beyond anything I had experienced in the physical world. The unconditional love that radiated from him opening each and every cell of mine to the divine. Even as I write this I can still feel his presence. The masters are truly here to help in whatever ways they can. The masters can offer us many gifts such as healing, wisdom, clarity, and many other miracles.
Perhaps one of the greatest miracles they offer us is a point to envision ourselves. Within each of us is an ascended master. We all have that potential within us. This is a common teaching amongst all the masters, in all cultures and times. That “even greater miracles than these, ye can do also” was said by the master Jesus, tells us that that level of understanding is within each of us. The masters are not to be worshipped, but to be worked with to help us realize the Master within us. They have shown us it can be done and how to do it. Often in life we come to a challenge where we are unsure if it is possible to overcome. Then we see someone else overcome it with the same, or even less resources than we have. They offer us the gift of knowing that we can also accomplish it.
The Ascended Masters are an expression of spirit showing us an ideal that we are to become. Not that we are to be exactly like any of these masters, for each one of us is a completely unique expression of the Divine. All paths lead to the love and understanding of the one spirit. These masters have shown us that this is true, and we must only but follow our spiritual path to realize and awaken to the Ascended Master within us.

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Aaron Pyne of Portland, Oregon, is a Visionary Artist, Sacred Graphic/Web Designer, Energy Healer, and Meditation Teacher. Aaron has over 125 Visionary Artworks encompassing all subjects of spirituality, which are available on prints and a variety of products. His works have been on publications around the country. He does visionary graphic design and web design for spiritual and metaphysical practitioners across the United States. Aaron’s intention for his visionary artwork is to assist the viewer to see the Divine within him/herself and all of creation. In this time of drastic change, Aaron hopes his art can serve as a visual guide in the evolutionary growth of the individual and the collective to assist in the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. He has been receiving these images through meditation and dreams since his childhood. The designs are then manifested by using digital photography and the computer. His designs take from 5-25 hours to make. Aaron is also an Energy Healer, trained in many different healing modalities from Reiki to Peruvian Shamanism. He is a meditation teacher, educating on relaxation, chakra work, sacred geometry, connecting with spirit guides and angels, as well as energy healing.

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