If you don’t like the way the world is or how your country is, your first question would be, well, can I play a part in changing it for the better? If you find that the answer to that question is no, then your next question is, then shall I stay involved in this world the way it is, and do I have any other choice than to stay here and put up with it as it is? Should I choose to die and then reincarnate on another planet because this world is not acclimated to who I am and how I want to live? I believe that the answer is to go and live in an intentional community, a community of people like yourself, who think like you, believe like you, who want the kind of lifestyle that you want. So, if we for a moment assume that that is your best choice, then how do you do that? And can you do that and if it isn’t happening for you, why not?

There are several reasons why you are still in this society, even though you really don’t like it and want to go live in an intentional community:

1. You still believe that you can change the society and are here in this world for that purpose.
2. You are still buying into parts of this culture, some of its ways and beliefs. Maybe its foods. Maybe its forms of entertainment. Maybe some of its fears.
3. You believe it is impossible to find such an alternative community and that you must live within this culture that you do not like or believe in.
4. You are holding onto old friends here, either from this life or from past lives. You love them and don’t want to lose them or desert them, you want to help them, or relieve their suffering somehow.
5. You have gotten all caught up in some sort of activity or career that is here in this culture and you hate to leave it, even though the culture and society here is opposite to what you truly believe in and want to be involved with. Perhaps you always wanted to be a musician and made it into that and hate to leave it because it’s so fun; perhaps you are involved with interior decorating and hate to leave it; perhaps you always loved social work and hate to leave it behind.
6. Perhaps you fear you’d be bored living off of the land in some far-off place, away from TV, music and books of your culture. Perhaps you’ve lived in cities all your life and feel very uncomfortable with the thought of leaving the city and its restaurants and theatres and nightlife.

The thing is, you’ve lived in this culture all of your life, and you’ve been programmed, enculturized, brainwashed with its ways and false beliefs all of your life. And even though you’ve grown way past a lot of it, there is some of it remaining within you, and parts of it you find very hard to leave behind. Leaving it, letting it all go, isn’t as easy as it sounds.

It is extremely emotionally and physically painful to let go of everything and everyone you have known and believed in all of your life. It sounds a lot easier to do than it actually is. Just keep asking God for help everyday. Eventually, you will completely let go of everything that isn’t total truth. Eventually, you will fully wake up and then be divinely and intuitively guided as to where to go and with who next. The people you need to connect with who will guide you into your new life will appear to you either in person or first in telepathic communications with you. You will know they are ascended and powerful by their energy, by how you feel in their presence.

Although it is a very painful shift, at the same time, it is a time of great rejoicing and you will find that in your new lifestyle and new place that you will feel more peace and joy than you ever thought you could feel.

I think perhaps the biggest block to finding your way out of it is your belief that you are here to change the world and thus must live within its culture in order to help people to change. Although sometimes you can heal people of their false beliefs and relieve them of some or even all of their suffering, and although you can make some inroads through politics or environmentalism or education or psychotherapy, et al, there are always opposite forces arguing with such changes and those trying to pull down everything you’ve done to heal individuals and help heal society. Laws get passed, but not everyone follows them. Laws get passed, and then later on the same laws get revoked. Therapists help a person, but later on life gets so challenging again and there are so many people trying to pull that person down that they fall back into their old fears and addictions. Everything is such a struggle because there are always opposing dark forces working on pulling down everything good that you tried to create, pulling down people’s state of consciousness. This probably sounds so pessimistic and down, but it’s what’s been happening for a long long time in this world. And although you have gotten past a lot of the darkness in yourself and in your life, many others have not.

I think that for a certain period of time, those who were more enlightened were meant to work on social change and healing individuals psychologically and spiritually. But I am feeling like now is the time for something different. I see a lot of disempowered people in illusions everywhere I go. I see practically no one in their true power and awake. This is due to dark force enculturization that has gone on for so long. It is also due to dark forces sending constant hooks into people, psychically attacking everyone, for a long, long time. It isn’t a simple task to try to wake people up to the truth. The lies are so vast and so ingrained, the lies are imbedded in our very culture, how we work, our entertainment, our schools, our parenting, how we think and act, and we think all of it is normal and sane, and we think that anything outside of it is not sane and not normal, but they have it backwards!

What I’m getting at is this….a big shift in consciousness just took place on Dec. 21, 2012. The Mayan shamans living in places like Guatemala and Belize know that it was not an end of the world or disaster prediction but just a shift into a whole new big cycle of experience on earth, going into what Mayans call the Fifth World. And so things will be very different, but it’s just starting to shift. But I don’t believe that all of a sudden everyone is just going to wake up from their illusions and enculturization and make everything saner and more spiritual. What I think is happening is that, as I said in my last article, one person in the world just reached a certain light quotient, a certain level of ascension (ascension has levels to it, light wattages on a light bulb), and this started something, as then more will light up to that level, and more and more, until we reach a certain number of lighted people on this earth, and then it becomes the hundredth monkey effect when it starts to change the whole world.

The ones who have reached that certain light quotient in ascension are the ascended masters and shamans living on earth now who are ready to move out of the world’s various cultures that are based on insane untruths and ready to move into intentional spiritual communities.

Why move into an alternative community? There are several good reasons:

1. If you want to see a new, saner, more spiritual and peaceful world, the best way to work on that and play a part in creating it is to create that type of world in your own little world. Start living the life you want now. This helps shift the consciousness of the whole planet. To create Heaven on Earth, create it for yourself in a community of like-minded people, experience it, live it, be an example of it. If enough of these communities get created, then the world may follow suite.
2. It is very important to be free to be and live as you want to on the high levels of enlightenment that you have attained. If you remain living and working with people and in a society that you no longer believe in, you will just remain miserable. I mean, why do this? You need to be with your own type of people in a society that matches your beliefs, lifestyle goals and ways. And if you have fully left behind the old society, then you will find yourself with your people living how you want to live. If it hasn’t yet happened, then you have more letting go to do.
3. Now is the time it starts. It starts with the end of the Mayan cycle and the beginning of the new Mayan cycle. Now is the time to let go of the old world that isn’t working and that you can’t change that much, let go of the world you don’t believe in that has become even darker and more asleep, and create a new and better world by creating it in your little world of a new community based on truth, love and peace, creativity, in a beautiful land, eating organic fresh foods, not eating meat, wearing organic clothing, using solar power and living ecologically sane. You have spent a lot of years trying to stay with old friends, heal people, heal the world, working for social change, trying to be yourself in a world that won’t let you be yourself, that forces you into a little box, forces you to live in your mind and ignore intuition and creativity, forces you to buy into their fears and their fear-based untrue systems. You were brainwashed, and now you have awoken, and now it is time to leave. Yes, they will suffer, but no, you cannot wake them up to what you know now, they wouldn’t believe you, they just wouldn’t. You just have to let them go through it and perhaps they will learn from the experiences and perhaps they won’t and they’ll have to learn it on the other side or in the next life. You cannot stay to try and help them, you cannot prevent what’s coming to them. You just can’t.

So, I believe that now is the time to leave, but we don’t have to die and reincarnate to live the life we always dreamed of living. We can stay here and create our own communities. I think that this is what Jesus intended when he said we would be lifted up out of the tribulations on earth. We will remain on earth during the tribulations but will not be negatively affected by them.

It is now also a time of a lot more people passing over to the other side. Those who cannot complete their life purpose will be leaving earth to learn on the other side. For others, their sufferings will be too great to bear and they will pass away. Poverty is increasing everywhere and if they don’t get the help they need, they will pass over due to starvation, freezing to death in the winter, sickness, and severe depression. Many more will be passing over than usual, and this starts happening now. I don’t completely understand it, but I am seeing it starting now and just this week a friend of mind passed away, and he definitely was in a serious predicament that it seemed pretty impossible to get out of. Sometimes when there is nowhere to go with it, they just pass on. The dark forces are pulling many people way down, and thus there is more and more illness and some pass because they cannot go into the new world we are created in the far future, they cannot match the light that is required for this world shift. Their soul knows this, even if their conscious mind still believes they can do fine.

I think that we did what we could to try and change the world for the better, but that the best thing we can do now, and now is the time, is to work on living the life and being the persons that we envision the new world here to be like. Live your vision. That’s the best way to heal the world at this point. And dark forces cannot find you or hurt you or pull you down when you are being and living in total truth.

It is the start of the new age. We are the forerunners of the new world. We create a new and better world by living it together in our lighted communities we create. I believe that’s what has to happen now.

Sometimes we might want to stay on a sinking ship to try and save those on that sinking ship. But we probably cannot save them from sinking, and if we try and stay with them, we will sink with that sinking ship. It’s time to get off of the sinking ship and we just have to let it sink. We don’t like to hear that. But you cannot tell them what you know, you know they won’t believe it, and they will think you are crazy, or misguided. And so their false beliefs and enculturized ways sink their ships. Their businesses fail. Their attempts to help others fail because they can’t see what’s really needed and what the real problem is. Their relationships can’t work because both parties are in too much illusion. The dark forces have wreaked havoc. I don’t know exactly where it is all going, I just know I have to get out of it and live how I want to live which is how God wants me to live, and in doing that, I play a part in healing the darkness of this world and help to bring in a new and better world.

Author's Bio: 

Zarla Leah is a writer,artist,social worker and minister. She writes about ascension & levels of enlightenment,and alternative lifestyles. She can be reached for questions and comments at: zarlaleah@yahoo.com.