Eating habits are the biggest challenge on this planet at this time. Eating foods that are not healthy for you has tremendous negative consequences. These foods drain your energy, lower your light quotient, keep you in semi-depressed states in spite of all of your enlightenment, and cause various stages of ill health and illness. Also, various types of foods contain information and consciousness states, and when you ingest them, you are also ingesting their information, their beliefs, and their thought forms. What you eat connects you to a dark matrix or a lighted matrix of people and consciousness. If you eat lots of sweets and bad carbs to comfort you in times of stress, then you are ingesting that belief system and behavior and therefore this will attract into your life people and places that have that same illusion and bad habit.

It’s a thought that says, “I need relief from stress, and so I must eat this type of food to make me feel better, and I don’t care if it is bad for my health or if it isn’t the wisest way to heal my stress, I just have to do it, and I cannot resist this temptation because I am craving this food.”

It also may say, “I know I am going over my food budget to eat this bad food, but I don’t care, I just cannot resist this temptation and I just have to have it.”

Now, if you are one of those people who does not even see that these foods are bad for you, and you don’t believe in health foods, then your thought process will be different and will go something like this, “I just love this food, it cheers me up, it helps my dark moods, and I need it because I feel down and bored and overly challenged in life right now.”

Take it to the next lower level, however, and you don’t even know why you are eating those foods, you just like the taste and think why not eat it. You think those people who talk about health and food choices are all just nut cases and you just ignore all of that.

Me, I’ve been at the level of knowing what foods are bad for me and all of the good reasons why I shouldn’t eat those foods. However, I have not been totally up on this, as there are conflicting opinions about what foods you should and shouldn’t eat, and therefore I get a bit confused. So, I continue to listen to various “experts” to try and determine what not to eat and what to eat.

But beyond that, it has always been very difficult for me to control my eating habits. I may do fine with it for a while, and then I always seem to slip back into eating the wrong foods once again.

Now, you might think that if I am in any level of ascension I couldn’t possibly be dealing with such issues as I would just know what to eat and not to eat and would have enough self-control to do it. But that is not the case. Why? Because an ascended person still living amidst the matrix and interacting with its matrix people is very vulnerable to different types of stresses that can be quite intense. Just the extreme stress level of living in a world and city that does not think at all or behave like you do is enough to send you over the edge, unless you know how to stay sane in spite of this. Just the stress of having to work and behave in certain ways and associate with certain types of people that you no longer really connect with is stress enough. You feel you cannot be your real self. You cannot tell them what you think and feel and believe in. You have to work to make a living. You have to work in the matrix. That’s stress enough to make you want to seek some sort of temporary relief in a chocolate bar. Uggh.

When you are dealing with all of this stress, you tend to not feel so happy, you feel tense, you have certain physical symptoms, and you might feel rather oppressed or trapped. This can cause you to want quick fixes for this stress, even if only a few minutes relief from the stress that say, a candy bar might give you. You know what not to eat, yet you want relief from stress so badly that you convince yourself to give in to that food temptation. (By the way, I do NOT eat candy bars anymore, ever, you’ll be happy to know.)

You think doing this once or once in a while won’t hurt you that much; however, giving in once causes you to give in again and again and pretty soon, every time you feel too stressed and want a quick fix, there you are eating that same candy bar again, and this pulls you down healthwise and emotionally, in the long run, and keeps you from being able to leave the matrix of food choices.

You may know what you should eat and not eat, you may know all of the good reasons for this, you may know the consequences across the board of certain food choices, yet you may still be eating the wrong foods. Why? Because there may be so little comfort, peace, joy and fun in your life and so much intense stress that you are giving in to the temptation to get a little temporary relief from the stress through certain types of foods.

The temptation can be overwhelming. You may not have tendencies to become an alcoholic or a drug addict or a sex addict, but being a food addict, yes, you do that, and it seems like everyone everywhere is now a food addict and eating wrong foods! Those eating right are in such a small percentage of the population at this point that you have very few people loving and supporting you through these food addiction temptations.

You are too aware about all of this. You know the causes, the reasons, and what you should be doing with food for your ascension, your consciousness and your body. But you still struggle with it.

If you get to a point where you know all you need to know and are strong in it and acting upon it, when you are at a certain light level of ascension, then you will be leaving behind you many aspects of the matrix and creating a new lifestyle for yourself. All of the reaons why you felt compelled to eat those bad foods will vanish. The reasons no longer exist. The stresses no longer exist. You are doing the type of work you love, you have an income level to cover everything you need and have dreamed about, you have friends on your level of ascension, you have fun activities, you are being creative, you are constantly in divine grace and divine guidance, you are with your soul mate, you have easy access and finances for the good wholesome organic foods, and you are doing things to help others and the world to ascend. In that new scenario of ascension and lifestyle, your good eating habits will become easy for you to maintain.
But what if you are still in the matrix….how do you resist those strong temptations to eat wrong foods and hurt your health and your light level?

Having the whole body of knowledge that’s truth about what to eat and what not to eat, and the medical and consciousness reasons why, helps a great deal. You will know when you get to that point of having all of the knowledge and awareness that you need to create healthy eating habits. If you are not yet eating totally healthy foods, then you do not yet have all of the knowledge you need to be able to make those healthier food choices. It might just be one food that you are addicted to that’s unhealthy, but you think that it is healthy, and so you continue with it. That one unhealthy food choice can be keeping you inside the negative food matrix and it keeps you living in that matrix society that you have to a large percentage ascended beyond. Just as you might have one little false belief that connects you with the matrix and keeps you from the ascended lifestyle that you want to live.

It’s all or nothing.

One problem can be that you are not making enough income to be able to eat healthy. Organics and health foods cost almost twice as much as grocery store foods. Foods from the grocery store might last you all month, whereas the organic versions of those same foods at the health food store may only last you half the month. And maybe as the economy has gone down, so has your income level or your purchasing power within an inflated economy. Or maybe you lost your job and are functioning on unemployment insurance, welfare and/or food stamps. So what are you supposed to do, not eat the second half of the month so that you can eat healthy for the first half of the month?

It may seem that the only answer to that one is that you have to increase your income and your prosperity flow. But if you were happy in life, doing what you love, being with who you love, and functioning outside of matrix society, living close to nature…then you wouldn’t be having prosperity flow problems at all. Poverty flows to unhappiness, it comes from a feeling of something lacking in your life. Are you lacking enough friends, or friends on your level? Are you lacking the lifestyle you really want to live? Are you lonely? Bored? Unable to be who you truly are in order to fit in and to survive? This feels like lack to you, it makes you unhappy, and so your prosperity isn’t flowing because you feel lacking in your life. Do you lack love in your life? Are you not living where you want to live, doing what you want to be doing? That’s a feeling of lack, and then poverty flows to that feeling of lack. It isn’t that you don’t know a lot of truth, it isn’t that you aren’t ascended.

But if you are living in the matrix society, then you have to work in the matrix, and to work in the matrix, you have to have some false beliefs or else be pretending to have the matrix false beliefs in order to survive and get work and work in the matrix. But why are you working in the matrix at all?

If it’s only a matter of needing extra money or living on a farm to be able to eat right, then all that’s required of you is to up your state of consciousness to where you can leave the matrix work force and go live somewhere doing something that isn’t matrix but that provides you with all of your needs, including healthy foods.

However, if you also struggle with food addictions and right food choices, then it isn’t just a matter of finances that’s keeping you eating wrong foods.

So, you must first heal your food addictions and behaviors, which requires an ability to heal stress and feelings of lack, which requires you to discipline yourself to eat right no matter what is going on in your life and no matter what your finances look like.

But if you don’t have enough money to buy better foods, then what do you do? Let’s say you have $20 for the week for food one week. Let’s say that if you go out to the grocery store you can get enough food on that $20 for a week’s worth of cheap dinners by buying foods that are cheap but not healthy. Do you do that because you have no other choice? What if you went to the health food store and bought two large bunches of bananas, a bag of organic potatoes, and a bag of organic apples, and it added up to $20. You might think that isn’t sufficient amount of food for dinners for the whole week. But wouldn’t it be better to have a banana, an apple and a potato for dinner each night, instead of spaghetti, ramen soup, hamburgers and hot dogs all week? Both choices are the same price, but the healthier choice isn’t how you were trained to think about what to eat for dinner and what dinner should consist of. But the choice is, either eat a lot less for dinner for one week but eat healthy; or eat a usual amount of food for dinner this week and eat unhealthy food because your budget is too tight to buy the healthier food. Which choice makes more sense to you?

Put junk in, you get junk out. Put healthy food in, you get healthy out of it. Put the wrong gas in your car and your car breaks down or doesn’t run efficiently.

Maybe eating less but healthier food for dinner that week makes you feel hungry more frequently, and you cannot stand that feeling of unsatisfied hunger. Maybe you need to look at why that feeling of hunger upsets you to the point where you will run out to the grocery store and buy a big bag of chips just to overcome that hunger, knowing full well that those chips are both not in your healthy diet plan and also not within your current food budget. In that case, you must find out why that feeling of hunger so upsets you and causes you to eat unhealthy foods to stop it, causing you to break your food budget.

There are solutions to it, even if your food budget is very tight, even if you are on food stamps. You can still choose to eat healthy, organic foods from the health food store and be able to stick to a very limited tight food budget. Ask God to show you how to do this. I am working on this myself right now, but I know that God will show me how to do it.

There is a part of you that still wants to eat unhealthy comfort foods, and so you may be using the excuse of not having enough money to buy healthy foods. But the more often you eat healthy foods, then the less often you will be physically and emotionally craving the bad foods.

Wheat allergies and addictions are very common, and so to overcome this, you need to either give it up entirely, or go the health food store and buy gluten-free breads, tortillas, etc. I recently found very tasty, spinach gluten-free tortillas, which I like to eat with salads. They fall apart rather easily, and so I just cut them up and mix them into the salad. The gluten-free breads they had didn’t look very fresh, though, and so I haven’t really yet found a decent bread substitute. The gluten causes a food addiction and weight gain and ill health. I’m getting that and letting go of anything with gluten in it and I’m not eating breads at all right now and I hope I don’t go back to bread unless it’s gluten-free. I am also wanting to lose weight, as I had regained some of the weight I had lost when I slipped back into wrong eating once again.

Stress is the underlying cause of all eating addictions and disordcrs, with lack of knowledge of proper foods to eat being the second biggest problem. Low prosperity flow is a part of it, too, but you can find ways around that issue if you have healed the other issues causing you to eat wrong foods.

So, it’s both a matter of having enough money via nonmatrix lifestyle and income, plus healing stress and having the knowledge and divine guidance as to how to eat right.

Eating habits are my own biggest issue and difficulty. I can advance and grow and master in every other area of life and belief, but this one is really hard for me. So, these insights I am sharing with you right now are insights I myself am getting and needing. And so if you want to pray for me, pray that I can succeed with eating right.

I recently watched another PBS special on good eating habits and health, and it really woke me up, once again, and I have changed my eating habits drastically over the last week because of it. They want $250 to buy that package of knowledge and support, which I cannot afford; but something tells me I can do it without having to buy that package. Over the years I have familiarized myself with three such good health and eating packages, but this one package seemed to be the best for me and woke me up the most just recently. It’s by the author of the book, “The Blood Sugar Solution,” a book that’s a bestseller currently. Some others who have helped me are Dr. Fuhrman’s package on PBS, and the NutriBlast system advertised from time to time on TV. All three are excellent, but it was what this one said that turned me around the most, as it described my body and situation as if it were speaking only to me, personally. It had it all….uh, well, almost…except that he isn’t a vegetarian or vegan, and so I just work around that part of it. The other two experts I mentioned are vegetarians, and so I just sort of combine the three systems.

Perhaps if I were totally out of the matrix living like I really want to be living, with the people I want to be with, then I might not have bad food cravings and desires and I might be just buying everything healthy at the health food store and/or growing my own foods. But I think part of the lesson might be to be able to overcome food addictions and temptations in spite of your life challenges and surroundings. It takes a particular kind of inner strength and determination, along with proper knowledge about food choices, and anti-stress methods, to be able to overcome food temptations while living in a matrix society. I believe that it can be done. If I believed it could not be done, then I might already be living somewhere else out of the matrix and eating right because I’m living right within a higher level of lighted social norms. To do something under easier conditions is easy; but to do something under difficult conditions is a lot harder.

I used to have a friend who had spent time living out in nature and at times with high-light quotient shamans; and while in those situations, he felt perfectly at peace. But whenever he’d come back into the city, even though it was a smaller, more high light quotient city, his consciousness would become lowered and his peace would just vanish.

He said he felt he should develop that ability to have peace no matter where he was living, inside or outside of the matrix. That’s more powerful and takes a very high awareness to be able to master it. But the friction of dealing with matrix society and social systems is a catalyst for our continued growth, isn’t it? Doesn’t friction create the pearl?

And here’s another though to ponder, along those lines….If you are in grade school, you are getting grade school level teachings; if you are in high school, the studies are a bit more difficult and deeper; and in junior college, the lessons become even more difficult; and in universities, studies are even harder; and on master’s level studies, the workload drastically increases and the textbooks are much more difficult to master.

Well, it’s the same with life and its lessons and challenges. Challenges and friction are what makes us grow to higher levels of light. If you are in ascension, your challenges may become more intense and more difficult as you go up through ascension levels because at your level of light you need more and more darkness to deal with in your life in order to keep ascending. Without challenges and dark forces to deal with, we would just feel fine and happy and healthy and stay at our current light levels. It’s the friction that creates the pearl.

But as you grow to higher levels, the friction may become more intense and more difficult. For instance, my living in a city right now that has mostly no awareness of correct eating habits, and my working at a place where people eat whatever they feel like and have no awareness about good eating habits..well, that’s harder for me than if I was surrounded by health food people being a good example for me. At work, people are constantly offering me cake, cookies, and other kinds of unhealthy foods. It’s like, if you want to overcome temptation to bad foods, you don’t go to a place where everyone eats bad foods, you go to a place where everyone eats healthy foods and that helps you. On the other hand, to be able to eat healthy foods even when you are surrounded by everyone who isn’t eating healthy and even under high stress conditions living in a society you no longer believe in and being alone because you can’t find anyone who thinks and behaves as you do, well, that’s an accomplishment and it requires a higher light quotient to accomplish. You are going through lessons appropriate to your level of consciousness and study and growth. You are no longer in grade school or even college, you are in master’s level training, and because of it, the friction and darkness coming at you is more intense because your light level is so high that lower challenges wouldn’t phase you anymore. Do you see what I mean? The friction continues on until you have no more illusions and no more connection to the matrix, and then you can leave the matrix and live in a lighted society on your level and you all continue ascending to higher and higher levels as a group, living naturally according to your state of lighted consciousness.

But there is a paradox within this. On the one hand, the higher level of light you have, the less challenges in life you will experience because your outer world matches your inner world of light. On the other hand, as you go up in light quotient, if you still have anything to learn and grow on by being in the matrix society, then you will need some sort of life challenge or friction to deal with to get you to see something and understand something you aren’t yet seeing and understanding, and so challenges will show up and you will have to deal with them. But the light you already have will help you get through those growth experiences much more easily than in your past when you were on a much lower light level, and God always helps, as well.

I will keep you up-to-date on any insights and changes I myself experience on this path to eating only healthy foods. Hopefully, I’ve already healed it; but if not, I am sure I will heal it within myself at some point and that I will have more to share with you about this subject.

Author's Bio: 

Zarla Lea is a minister, social worker, artist, writer and ascension teacher. She is currently very focused on her writings to assist those in ascension or attempting ascension to complete their enlightenment process and live the lifestyle they truly want to live. She shares with others her own ascension process and what she has learned so far. She welcomes feedback and comments at