One day I was watching one of those TV ads for a natural physical healing product, and I was really convinced that it would heal any type of ailment, and I wanted to buy it; but it was enormously expensive and I didn’t have the money to be able to buy it. I was having all kinds of very irritating physical symptoms caused by allergies and was feeling almost hopeless, wondering if I could ever be free of these symptoms. I had also suffered with fatigue and all kinds of aches and pains for years and years, had tried everything, was eating the purest diet possible, yet still suffered with these ailments. I was praying to God for help with all of it, desperately, that one morning.

Suddenly, I got the answer, and it sort of shocked me. It went back to a spiritual teacher I used to go to, who was always telling her class how powerful they were, including how they had a true spirit within them that could instantly cure any illness. I remembered how one day I had used her methods to instantly clear a very bad pain in my back. I knew these truths, and had practiced them many times to clear out all kinds of illnesses and symptoms; but it seemed like lately, I was not able to clear out these allergies and the fatigue and aches and pains would only temporarily clear out with my light and intention. I was stumped as to why I could not create total health. I knew part of it had been my diet, which was always just partially healthy, but I had recently made strides with this and had been eating only purests healthiest foods for awhile now. I was taking the herb I usually took that erradicated allergies and colds, but this time it was only partially, temporarily, helping.

This particular day, I was vehemently praying for help with this, and then suddenly, the answers started coming to me in a flash of insights, words and awarenesses. The words sounded like the spiritual teacher I used to go to, who was always saying stuff like that...I heard, “You are a powerful spiritual being. You are a very powerful ascended master. You can turn water into wine. You can energetically create that product that heals everything just with your intent, now, here and now, and drink it into your body. You can create something just by thinking it. You can feed the light energy into all of your symptoms and they will vanish instantly. You don’t see how much power you have. You have bought into this idea that you don’t have the power within yourself and your own energy and mind to clear out all of these symptoms. This is just false.” And instantly, the symptoms began to subside as I remembered who I truly was and saw that this was right. It was like I had partially believed it, or sometimes believed it, and I needed to fully and forever know it, not just believe it, in order for this awareness to be working for me all of the time, 24/7, in order to be free not just of my current allergies, but free from all illness forevermore! I affirmed that right now I was creating natural antihistamines that were eradicating the allergy symptoms. I affirmed that right now, I was creating that natural healing product in me and drinking it into me and that it was already working to heal my body. I knew these types of things were possible, but in the past, I had had to call on ascended masters and shamans in the nonphysical realms to do this for me, and it had worked, but the symptoms would always return, and I just couldn't understand why. I suddenly realized that I now had the light quotient to where I could do this for myself, and that it was only my false beliefs telling me that I couldn’t do this that had ever blocked my ownh self-healing abilities.

I asked, but why now? The answer was that I now had the light quotient to be able to do this for myself. And I asked, but how did that happen? And the answer was that light is the truth, and I now knew enough truth about who I am and my healing powers within me and how to self-heal I can now be fully and forever healed by my inner true spiritually powerful self.

All that a healing food or herb or natural medicine does is, it gives us a light quotient energy that we drink in and it heals us with its light level. That plant already knows what we need to know. It knows its power as a God-being, it knows how to access God’s healing powers within itself. God lives within all of us, too, and it is only our false beliefs about ourselves and our lack of such powers that blocks our higher awareness and healing abilities.

If you don’t have the money to buy that herb or that healing product, maybe that means that your next healing step is to realize and act upon the true idea that you can create the energy of that plant within yourself and drink it in energetically to heal your condition. This is an ascended master activity.

When I was watching that TV ad about that natural product, there was a famous woman that was promoting it. She had to be in her sixties or seventies by now, yet she still looked as young as she did years ago. She looked like she was still in her thirties or twenties. But what amazed me was that she said that she had been doing everything right all her life—she ate only healthy foods, she hiked and got plenty of exercise, she meditated, she did yoga, she had a wonderful career and lots of good friends and family – yet in spite of all of that, she still came down with an arthritic condition. And I mean, I’m watching her, and her energy field is so peaceful, so powerful, and she’s telling us that this product healed her condition. This was a woman who had it all, yet she got sick. How could this happen if she was doing everything right? Well, I think that our environment is so toxic, our water, our air, and we are so bombarded with thoughts and beliefs that we cannot heal ourselves or that everyone will get sick and age, that it even negatively affects people who are doing everything right and are even in ascension light levels. We are at the point where even ascended masters are getting sick!

The problem is that we just don’t realize the spiritual healing powers that we have. That is all that blocks us from our ability to heal ourselves. Even those who are into healthy eating, veganism, exercise, meditation and higher ascended consciousness are having trouble with it because they have become convinced that they can only be healthy by ingesting high light level foods, nutrients, herbals, and healing natural substances like that product I saw advertised. They just don’t realize that they have the power inside of them that is God’s power to energetically create that food, herb or natural medicine just by willing it and then ingest it into their body using their energy and intentions and that then those symptoms will subside!

If you are on the path of ascension and enlightenment, and if one of your goals is to have that kind of healing power and a high level of health that you created with your own consciousness, where you don’t even need natural foods and substances to stay healthy, where your light level keeps you healthy….then eventually, if you hold onto that goal and intent, you will reach the light level and ability to be able to create and maintain your high level of health just with your energy and intention. However, even though you don't want to become dependent on herbs, supplements and foods to heal you, at the same time, you don't want to be ingesting foods with low light levels and no nutrients, foods that are bad for your health, and use the excuse that your light level will clear any of that negative energy or toxins in the those foods. That's illusion. That's just you wanting to be able to eat stuff that tastes so good but that is bad for you and your not wanting to have to have some will power to be able to resist temptations of bad foods. It has to do with choices and actions matching light levels. And this is across the board and not just about ingesting lighted or unlighted foods. If, for instance, you are choosing to live in a building where there is a lot of darkness in the residents, that can also negatively affect you, even if you do have the power to keep clearing that negatve energy out of your auric field and cells, it is the same as your eating negative foods and having to constantly be clearing those negative energy foods out of your body. It isn't wise. It's like putting bad gasoline into your car. It's like thinking negative thoughts all the time and then having to clear them with positive thoughts. Why not just think positive thoughts? Why not just eat healthy foods? Why not just live in a building that's more filled with light and love and positivity? Ascended masters need to be making ascended choices of what energies they choose to ingest and live around. This also transfers into your choices of where to work, what type of work to do, and whether you are choosing to live within the matrix and in its cities or to live with ascended masters in a spiritual community out close to nature ingesting only your own organically grown foods, eating only vegan foods. What you ingest you become. Ingest negativity in any form, and it will pull down your health and you will become fatigued, no matter how much truth you know.

We think that maybe at some point we will ascend to where we have these natural healing abilities. But what does that really mean, how do we achieve that? Simply by gradually and fully releasing all false beliefs we have been taught and believed in for so long, about anything and everything, including this false belief that we cannot stay healthy or create health? We think we already know the truth about health, but do we really? If we know all there is to know and are practicing it, then we will not be experiencing ill health in any form from any cause. We will be eating only healthy foods, ingesting and being around only healthy energies and people, we will be clearing out any dark magic hooks instantly, and nothing will affect us negatively in our bodies or emotions. It sounds really easy to accomplish this, but I think it can be quite difficult because there is so much untruth we are constantly bombarded with from every direction, all of our life, and into all of our past lives. Yes, we know a lot of truth, that's what ascended us; but we need to keep finding out even more and more truth until we have achieved total health, total freedom from dark force attacks, total peace, and are in our fullest powers; and once there, we cannot possibly be living in the matrix or functioning with the matrix at all and we will be living somewhere that is very lighted that matches our level of high ascension and enlightenment. Everything is connected. The outer connects with the inner. But it may be there is just one little untruth that you are still operating by that keeps you in ill health and connected to the matrix and connected to dark places and experiences. And if you heal just that one little false belief that's wreaking havoc on you and your life, you will sudcdenly be free of all of these challenges and illnesses.

There is actually no dark force that can keep you unhealthy or create ill health or symptoms within you…but if you believe they can do this to you, then they can. If you believe they can, then they can. I don’t care if the darkest, most experienced black magic sorcerer in the world who has special powers no one ever heard of has been attacking you with dark hooks all of your life and through all your past lives….I don’t care if this evil being has killed off hundreds of people with his dark magic….once you know the truth, then he cannot any longer keep you down in ill health no matter what he does to you. I am saying this to those who are dealing with these types of issues. I realize that many of you don’t even believe such dark sorcerers exist or can do these things to people; but for those of you who are aware that this type of problem not only exists but has been negatively affecting you and your health, I am speaking to you. I understand this problem, and I also know it can be overcome by these simple awarenesses I am speaking to you about today.

Let me go into more detail regarding this subject. Let’s say that some dark sorcerer is bombarding you 24/7 with hooks (thoughts, ideas) saying that he has the power to make you ill with these hooks. You know that your subconscious mind accepts whatever is told to it. Let’s say you know these hooks are going on 24/7, and you know your subconscious mind is reacting to these hooks and it’s making you ill. And you think, well, then, all I have to do is to counteract those hooks with their opposite, the truth statements. Do affirmations that tell your subconscious mind the truth. But then you’d have to be saying and thinking those truth affirmations 24/7 to counteract the 24/7 dark untrue hook thoughts, wouldn’t you? Maybe. But the first thing to do is to realize the whole entire truth that is the opposite to those ill health hooks. So, you read my article, you get it, you know the truth that sets you free from the ill health hooks and ill health experiences. But is that enough? Or do you need to be doing 24/7 health affirmations that affirm your powers and eradicate your illness?

Let’s say that to turn it all around and to stay healthy despite the hooks, you would need to be doing 24/7 affirmations of truth. That may not be possible to do. But what if you, as an ascended powerful being with God powers within you, have the ability to say, okay, I am going to send myself 24/7 truth thoughts about health truths and about my powers….without having to consciously do it, write it down, say it or think it all day long….just have my true self bombard my subconscious mind with truth affirmations 24/7, running on automatic, without my having to be conscious of it or consciously working on it? Why not? I can do anything, right? Okay, do it right now…I am now asking my true self to run these affirmations on auto pilot 24/7 and I know for certain that this will work because total truth dissipates untruth.

Now affirm that every time that illness symptom comes up, your true spirit is feeding the light and truth into that symptom, on auto pilot, automatically, without your having to stop whatever you are doing and work on clearing it, meditate, do affirmations or whatever. Also affirm that your true spirit, the God within you, is 24/7 causing your mind and heart and soul to choose to eat and ingest only healing foods and substances.

You have ascended powers and abilities within you to heal your diseases, to free you from any dark sorceries done against you, to be immune to all types of toxins and serious diseases, insect bites, poisons, whatever….it is God’s healing powers within you, they are there, all you have to do is to realize this and call upon these powers and drink them in like you’d drink in an energy drink or an herbal tea! If you still believe that you must have access to and drink in that herbal that heals your illness, then you don't yet fully know that you can heal that illness without that herb, just by knowing your own powers and creating the essence of that herb within your own body energetically. You don't need special shamanic trainings or shamans to help you to do that, you have a God within you that already knows how and that can do this for you! If the herbs you usually take are no longer working, then maybe it's because you need to have these realizations today!

Yet you must also combine that power with eating only healthy foods. When you eat a food, you are eating its energy, you are eating its knowledge and powers. If you eat something that is not healthy, that’s devoid of nutrients, you are eating its energy, you are eating its wrong false knowledge, and thus it will make you sick, even if you understand you have inner healing powers of God. You must continually and forevermore choose to ingest only healing, true knowledge and power of good healing foods. And when you are ingesting healing herbs, know that you are ingesting their truth knowledge, their awareness that God is within them as healing energy. But if you forever are believing that you must ingest that herb or other healing substance in order to be or stay healthy, then you are not getting the full lesson of healing. You have to also realize that you have within you the power to be that herb or healing substance, that you have ascension powers to create that herb as an energy within you and drink it in just with your intention to do so and that this will work! Shamans know how to do this. You can ask God to help you to be able to do this, too.

Some Christians know that Jesus and God can heal them of diseases, and this is good, and this does work. However, they do not understand that that is just a level of awareness and that the higher level of awareness says, I can attain the healing powers and consciousness of Jesus, God lives within me, Jesus lives within me. If you are a Christian and find it difficult to relate to some of what I am saying, then ask the Jesus that lives within you, ask your Holy Spirit, to heal you. But also realize that the next step beyond that level is to realize that you, as a soul, as a spirit, can reach the level where you are one with Jesus and his powers and his high state of consciousness. Many Christians do not, will not, accept that idea, even though Jesus himself told us we could and should reach his levels of healing powers and awarenesses. People feel they cannot reach those levels and prefer to believe that only Jesus can and could ever reach those levels because only he is the son of God. This is Christian dogma and must be released for you to be healthy forevermore.

Whatever symptom you have right now, reread this article, and call upon the God that lives within you, call upon your ascended self, to create whatever type of healing substance within you that clears that symptom or that disease or illness, and then watch it occur! If it does not, keep saying affirmations that you are an ascended master who has incredible healing powers and that you can heal it. Watch it work!

I want to mention herein that one of the awarenesses I had on my path with religion and with metaphysics was that if we go too far to the other extreme, we start believing that it is us, alone, helping and healing us, and we think that we are God, that we are Gods. Some take that to mean that there really is no God. Christianity pulled me back into realizing that there is a God and a Jesus and that we need their help and that we cannot think we are God because that can never be true. Even if we ascended to the level of merging our souls back into the Godhead, we are still not even then God Himself, we are just a part of God, but not God. This is important to understand because if you believe you are a God then you believe you don't need God or God's help, and you do, we all need God's help, even ascended masters need God's help, and always will need God's help.

But getting back to health and healing, we need to realize that most of us have been programmed by the medical profession and society to believe that we have no such powers over illnesses, and so we believe that and so that has been our experience. We have also been programmed to believe that doctors and medicines can heal us, which pulls us farther and farther away from the truth that God, Jesus, ascended masters, shamans and our own true inner spiritual self can heal us, without the help of any doctors or any other people, without even the assistance of herbs and supplements! We run to medical doctors, or naturopathic doctors, or herbs and supplements, or even to God, or shamans, or ascended masters, to heal our diseases…but eventually, on the ascension path, you get to the point where your suddenly realize that all of that and all of them, even God, lives within you as you and that you can clear out that illness right in this very moment and forevermore! You can do it yourself! Then what is God's role in your healing process? When you pray to God for health and healing, God will eventually be able to get through to you the truths I am speaking to you today! When I was sick with those extreme allergy symptoms, God got through to me with the truth that set me free from that illness! God wants our growth, he wants us to know all that He knows, to have all of the powers that He has, to the extent that we can do that...but always remember that no one can have all of the powers of God, no one...God is the only God and we need his help always, to keep ascending. Even if we ascend beyond the lessons of this planet, we just end up somewhere else growing into higher levels, that's all.

I used to go this really wonderful spiritual teacher who one day had me pick some runes, in answer to the question, “What soul level am I on, what is my main goal of this life?” And the answer that came up in the runes was that I was on the level, or working on the level in this life, of being my own doctor. I thought that was really profound and I have always remembered this, and I have known that this is true. I rejected medical doctors long ago; I think they are helpful for certain things and I don’t totally reject everything they do, but I don’t run to them to heal any illnesses I may have. I usually just heal myself of whatever it is. But I was on the level of running to naturopaths, shamans, ascended masters, God, natural herbs and substances, for healing. I was having trouble with my eating habits, as well. But still, I was on an ascension path, and I had this intent to create total health within my body, and so this intention and path took me through lessons, until I reached the point where I had these realizations that I am sharing with you today.

The day that I had these realizations, I was suffering with an extreme allergic reaction that I could not seem to get rid of. I was eating only healthy foods, taking herbs that usually would get rid of any colds, flus or allergies, I was in ascension at very high levels, but yet I just was feeling worse and worse. My eyes were burning and itching and it was affecting my vision. I was having huge sneezing fits and blowing my nose all day long. I was wondering if I could continue working as I felt so fatigued and was having aches and pains Then I watched that TV ad, and I was convinced that product would work; but I also knew that I'd have to be rich to be able to afford to buy it and keep buying it and I just could not do it. But as soon as I remembered who I truly was and used my intent to create that healing substance in me energetically and drink it into me energetically, then my eyes stopped itching and burning, I stopped sneezing, and I felt back to normal.

You can do it, too; these realizations and ascended methods can heal any disease, no matter how serious or seemingly resistant the disease is. But don't forget to pray to God to help you to be healed, and do not hesitate to ask Jesus for healing, as well. Just realize, too, that Jesus and God also live within you as a part of you.

If you want to take the healing herbs or substances, then go ahead; but just realize that you can do it without their help if you at are at the ascension light level where you can know what I am telling you today and put it into practice.

If you find yourself going back into illness symptoms, just keep affirming you have the powers that heal it and keep ingesting that truth, keep affirming you are creating the healing substances energetically that clear away that illness, and affirm and think this all day long and every time you have a symptom, and ultimately you will be healed by your own affirmations and healing powers. Know and affirm that you are that healing herb you were taking. You are that healing substance. Feed it to yourself and into your illness. You are not just creating that herb, you are becoming the essence of that healing herb and filling your body up with it. It is just light and love and truth. You can know every truth there is and know who you are, but if you do not yet realize that you are your own healer and that you are those healing foods, herbs and supplements, then you may still be sick in spite of all that you are and know in your ascension levels. Being ascended has its levels, and until you reach a certain level, you are still dealing with false beliefs which cause you various problems in yourself and in your life.

Leaving the matrix includes healing any false beliefs you may have about health and healing. So, if you are dealing with illness of any sort, no matter what is creating it, know you are the healer and the power to eradicate it and know it can happen in this moment. Imagine the most powerful healer in the world, or imagine the powers God or Jesus have to heal your body, and then realize that those powers live within you as your true spirit self, and turn to that self and ask it to heal you and watch it happen! Toss out everything else you have ever believed about health and healing that was not truth and know this one truth and it heals your body. You may have heard what I am telling you hundreds of times, but this could be the time that it totally sinks into you and you act upon it forevermore and you never go back to any other false beliefs.

You can create the nutrients you need energetically within your body. But if you continue to eat foods that have no nutrients, then the healing cannot take place because you are ingesting darkness, you are affirming truth and then not acting upon it. You wouldn’t put the wrong kind of gasoline into your car, because you know that if you did that your car would not run properly. So then why would you eat something that is bad for your body? And if you are confused about or don’t know what is bad for you to eat, ask God to help you to get the needed information on this and be clear in your intuition what you should and shouldn’t eat; and if you have trouble with temptations to eat tasty but unhealthy foods then ask God to help you with that and keep working on it until you master overcoming those temptations.

It is an ascension of body, mind and soul. You cannot just ignore the body’s needs for good healthy foods and nutrients and expect to be in the highest levels of ascension and enlightenment; and if you ingest low light quotient foods or medicines from doctors, then you cannot expect to be in high light levels in your mind, emotions and soul.

One thing that will help you is to hang out with only people who know these things and successfully practice it. Another thing that will help is to go with spiritual teachers and health educators who know these truths and practice them successfully themselves. But if for some reason you cannot do this right now, just realizing the truth and praying for help with it can do it for you, too. It just is harder to do it if you are surrounded by people all the time who are the opposite of the truth, and it’s harder to do it without a positive support system and those who can guide you through it. However, if you are doing it without all of that help and support and without the positive role models with you, that’s even a more powerful shift you are making. You are a powerful ascended master. You do not need an ascended master to heal you. Once you know you can do it yourself, that’s very empowering for you and a really big shift!

Author's Bio: 

Zarla Leah is on an ascension path and she helps others to achieve various levels of ascension and enlightenment with what she herself has learned, experienced and put into practice. She has worked at various churches and centers as a minister and healer, and she has delved into metaphysics, science of mind, Christianity, and other faiths and practices; but she now is not associated with any particular religion as she finds the whole truth within her ascended true inner self and through prayer, meditation and channeling her ascended self. Her current ministry revolves around her writings, and she plans to write books in the future about ascension and enlightenment. She is also a mystical artist whose artwork honors all of life, nature, and the feminine aspects of the Godhead. Zarla has worked in many types of fields, with her last field being social work; however, she is moving past all of those fields within the matrix into a future lifestyle and work of helping ascended masters attain higher degrees of ascension, and into living a more healthy, natural lifestyle out in nature in spiritual community. As she herself grows, she shares with her readers her latest awarenesses and life changes. Zarla speaks of ascension without the flowery "ascension language" and without egotism and fake ascension claims. She speaks plainly and frankly so that everyone can understand. She has been through Hell on earth and back, and hopes to create Heaven in her life soon; and she also has the intent to help us all create a Heaven on Earth within our lifetime. Zarla can be reached via email at; feel free to comment and ask her questions; but please note that she will just delete any nasty hate mail or any types of spam.